So our microwave broke the other day. I guess it just got tired of gettin all hot an bothered and everything being over in a matter of seconds like some women. Oh well, I guess we’ll have to get a new one. Maybe a new one for Christmas. I know its Jesus’ birthday and all, but I think he’d hate to have us go back to the days of having burnt offerings. Or maybe even not be able to eat popcorn.

Speaking of which, my wife made some the other day on the stove. It brought back memories of my childhood. Its amazing the stuff we used to do before technology came around. I mean, now we have computers to access our porn needs. Back in the day, all I had was my mom and dad’s porn stash. Sometimes I wish it could be all so simple again. Bump the microwave. Maybe I’ll just buy the family a set of Uno cards for Christmas. I bet the teenager in my house would love that. Now all I gotta do is find that remote for my TV and everything would be just fine around here.