Michael Savage: “Is Obama trying to start a race war?”

Thinking about race relations in the good ole US of A, and I’ve come to the conclusion: As long as people with a platform like Michael Savage are breathing, there’ll never be any unity. You see, it’s been quite a while since I blogged about this guy. Because quite frankly, him and his idiocy literally makes my ass itch. No joke! I listen to the rest of the talking heads who dominate the Conservative talk airwaves and those guys usually make me laugh. I mean there’s no way one human being can be that dumb or out of touch with reality, right?

But no, Michael Savage, to me, he’s the worst of them all as he releases his vitriolic language and opinions. He is the shit-stain on the draws of conservatism. He is the smegma found resting comfortably under the uncircumcised foreskin of conservative talk radio. Yes, he’s that bad, and even worse, there are millions of people who tune in loyally everyday who walk away feeling like they’ve been enlightened. For example, check out what he had to say about a week ago just before the mass protests of Arizona’s new immigration law on May Day. Just listen to what this asshole is implying about president Barack Obama:

I tell ya, it’s a damn shame the FCC under pressure from Conservatives did away with the Fairness Doctrine back in the day. Since they did, there’s been an explosion of conservative talk radio that has spawned the likes of Rush Limbaugh and the aforementioned oxygen thief, Michael Savage. Clearly there were no riots at last weeks May Day rallies across the country. But yet he took a sound-bite of one person, out of context, to represent an entire class and group of people. But yet, I’ll be wrong if I were to listen to him and form the opinion that all white people, or conservatives are racist. But hey, maybe he’s right about an impending race war. I mean, that could possibly explain how guns sales have drastically increased since November 4th, 2008.

Yep, and just like some of the people who identify with him ideologically. In the face of facts, he has to resort to his bully tactics. See, people like him, are no different than the idiots who rage behind computer screens. The difference is, it is people like Savage, who are the driving forces behind said internet “thuggery”, of conservative intelligentsia, and members of the peanut gallery. But I guess if I could make millions a year by playing on the fears of your typical average dumb-ass citizen. I guess the question then should be: is Savage what’s wrong with America, or is it that America is what’s wrong with America?

I guess when you drop your real name, Michael Alan Weiner, to become Michael Savage the radio host, one couldn’t help but to project his inner fears and insecurities. Or a return to a Birth of a Nation-esque time period in this country, hence all the talk against what would be the new niggers in America: Hispanic. Look, I realize “war” is as American as apple pie. Yep, and conservative white folks sure do love a good war or two. Well you know what? Forget the race war. Instead, how about we start a war on stupidity. I dunno about you, but that’s one war I’ll definitely volunteer for, in true patriotic fashion. Come to think of it, I think that’s why I blog about people like Savage and company.

Check him out below when his “knowledge” is challenged by a college professor: