Michael Jackson was murdered? Maybe he would still be alive today if he smoked weed

I don’t even know if Michael Jackson has been buried yet; has he? That’s how much I’ve paid attention since the day of his memorial. Seriously, for all I know his casket may still be sitting in the Staple Center as much as I’ve watched the news since that day. However, I caught the headline online that said that he was murdered. Sounded like one of those Enquirer headlines you see at the grocery store checkout isle. You know the one you’d laugh at last year had you read that? But then it hits you that he is in fact dead.

Supposedly Latoya Jackson and her dad Joe are of the opinion that there’s some f*ckery afoot concerning his death. From the looks of it they’re suspicious of his private physician (as well as others) who he himself resided at the Jackson home. I don’t know how true this may be as an official cause of death has yet to be released. Amid this allegation the stories of drug use has ran rampant. Which is pretty sad because it paints the picture of Michael Jackson as an understudy for Pookie from the movie New Jack City, and damn near worse than my man Gator from Jungle Fever.

Look, I don’t know what killed the man, and yes I can say the media had a hand in his death as I have before. However, I’ve been thinking about this for some time now, and I have to say that: Michael Jackson would probably still be alive today had he started smoking weed. Yes, Michael Jackson would be alive today if marijuana were legal in this country. Supposedly he became addicted to pain medication, and was an insomniac who cried for nothing but sleep. If Michael Jackson smoked a blunt, his ass would not have been up all night in pain. Had Mike smoked weed — I’m talking that Grade-A shit you see on the cover of High Times magazine — he would be alive.

I mean think about it: Willie Nelson smokes hella weed and he’s still kicking up dust. You think Willie Nelson has trouble sleeping at night? Willie Nelson is 120yrs old and still going strong and everybody knows why. Have you looked at him recently? He doesn’t quite look like a stressed out kinda guy now does he? See? That could have been Michael Jackson. With the money Mike had, he would have never left the country pissed off and stressed after his trial amid all the accusations of child molestation. Nope, Mike would have been in California probably blowin’ that Piff with Snoop Dogg and George Clinton. Yes, he would have probably bought Humboldt County California, sold Neverland Ranch, and reopened a new spot called Never Comedown Ranch. When you consider that California cannot even balance their budget and Los Angeles had to beg for donations to pay for his memorial, weed being legal sorta makes sense.

People say marijuana is a gateway drug, but that’s bullshit. I have yet to meet people hooked on pain pills (and I know a few) who got there after smoking a joint. Jokes aside, prescription drug abuse in this country is far worse than perceived in this country all while authorities criminalized marijuana. Maybe what LaToya Jackson said is true. Maybe what she said is just emotional speculation in the wake of the death of her brother. However, there were in fact people around Mike that were enabling him in more ways than one.

In a recent press release by ABC news right here, one can see never before released pictures of Mike from 2002 which shows just how his body was ravaged by intravenous drug use. Now that he’s dead it’s sad that these pics are released. Personally I wish they had pics of him taking a toke on a bong or smoking a joint. If they did, I think it would have been easier to stomach than what the current pictures show. Michael Jackson was in pain, and just like a cancer patient I wish he was able to use weed legally. I say legally because it would be kinda hard for him to don a surgical mask as he did and ride up to one of the spots in the hood trynna cop a sack. Yes, the cops would have loved to have someone like him doing the perp walk.