If someone calls your phone and starts that heavy breathing, it just might be Sarah Palin

No seriously, it’s not like she has a job anymore in politics or a future career even. So everybody is wondering, after her last day on the job, what’s next. Here’s what I got out of her farewell speech the other week. Of course people are all talking about how incoherent her speech was (as if she’s ever been coherent) and the ambiguity of her reason for stepping down. But what they missed was her audition for life after politics as a phone sex operator. Either that, or what this next clip shows is a secret Alaskan moose call used while hunting.

I’m going with the phone sex thing; it’s a fast money maker and I’m sure those horny republicans within the base won’t mind giving her a call or two. I mean you know how they love their porn. At any rate, if you saw her speech or not, the following clip pretty much sums it up. It’s a lot shorter which is a good thing, but not that much different as far as substance is concerned than the entire speech. Watch this and tell me: do you disagree with me on the phone sex thing?

Roll clip: