Medicare: The GOP’s New Welfare Reform & Pathway to Prosperity for the Wealthy

Yesterday a so-called or self-avowed “Christian-Conservative” asked me: “why do most Black people see the Republican party as racist or against the poor?” Speaking for all Black people, minorities, and the working poor. As an unofficial spokesman, I told him it’s mostly because they advocate for policies which seek to further marginalize minority groups which are disproportionately made up of working poor folks in America. You know, those gov’t teat suckers?

He told me my answer was loaded with that Liberal media bias, and proceeded with the latest in Republican talking points on the elimination of Medicare and Medicaid by saying something about making recipients clean New York City subways as a condition of receiving other people’s tax payer dollars. According to him people are taking advantage of the system and as a result, they’re bankrupting the country; damn those lazy old people, and low-income sloths.

Listen to the sales pitch:

Oh, did you notice the part where Congressman Ryan says his proposed budget is “a pathway to prosperity” in America? He’s right; loaded in the proposal are more tax cuts for the wealthy at the expense of the poor. But we’ve been down that road already, right? Remember that whole “compromise” thingy?

I mean, what would America be having to borrow money from those chinky-eyed folks (who only hold 9% of this countries debt contrary to popular belief) out east to pay for past, present, and future wars if nothing is done about our currently broken social safety net, which does more harm than good, right? Yes, the answer lies in Block Grants, folks; it’s the Republican and albeit American way; it opens up another market for insurance companies.

You know, sorta like Obamacare which this proposal seeks to repeal?

My man Ezra Klein has a nice detailed breakdown of the budget proposal (read here) that I think everyone should check out. While much of the talk will be on Medicare Reform in the weeks to come. I’m afraid that what will be missed or overlooked, is the overt attempt at turning back the clock by the GOP as they appeal to Teabaggers  with much that is packaged in this budget/. In particular, not allowing the Bush Tax Cuts turned Obama Tax Cuts to expire in 2013, although they have yet to be paid for, and actually adds to said budget deficit.