Hope & Change 2.0 in Full Effect; But, “It Begins With Us!”

Well, although it might be early in the game by the standards of political punditry, President Obama has officially launched his 2012 re-election bid. Yeah I know, you’re shocked by this and never saw it coming, right? Well, I suppose when you’re slated to raise $1 billion for a re-election bid, there’s nothing wrong with  getting an early start. Especially in this crappy economy.

Of course for now everyone’s talking about the field of GOP hopefuls. But something tells me that sooner or later the narrative is going to shift to Obama, and the ability to recapture the 2008 magic. Soon the talk is going to be about vanquished liberal progressives, more so than with independents in the middle.

Hopefully our friends on the right forgo racial politics of old. But of course that’s a pipe dream because a old dogs tend to stick to their tried and true tricks as opposed to anything new. Above and beyond everything, the burning questions are: Can he do it? Will he do it? And more importantly, will we do it?