Markham Elementary Second Graders Having Oral Sex, & Naked in Classroom

Okay, so a disturbing story has been circulating for the past few days, concerning Markham Elementary School in Oakland. It involves a class full of second graders, partial nudity and oral sex. And I have to wonder, what the hell was the teacher doing??
“According to the allegation, the first incident involved several students who undressed, at least partially, while acting disruptively in the classroom,” the letter read, according to KRON. “The second incident concerned two students who engaged in sexually explicit behavior, also in the classroom.”

Local media reported that in the second incident, a boy and a girl — both second-graders — performed oral sex on each other. Both incidents occurred in the same classroom, and the teacher is believed to have been present at the time, Flint said. He said the teacher is not accused of taking part in or orchestrating the incidents.

“He’s saying he has no knowledge of the reports and we have to square these different stories and see how we can reconcile them,” Flint told KGO, the ABC station in San Francisco.

“Our early findings don’t indicate that anyone was coerced or forced into these acts. We do think it involved curiosity,” Flint said. (Source)Okay, I really have to wonder what kind of classroom atmosphere this teacher was promoting that these children thought it was acceptable behavior to undress in class?? And then, in a SEPARATE incident, perform oral sex on each other in front of the entire classroom?? This teacher is an adult and he did not have the ability to control the behavior of a few children who thought they were grown?

The school district wants to call this “curiosity”. Well, this is a hell of a lot more than being curious! This is a devastating example of children acting out and NOT facing repercussions for their actions! If they already think that performing sexual acts in class is okay at seven, what will they be doing when they are 16??

The teacher has been suspended. With pay. In my opinion, for such an egregious lapse in judgment, he should lose his license to teach. I have my own suspicions about WHY he allowed this to happen under his watch, and it involves nefarious motives on his part, but even if he is given the benefit of the doubt, is this STILL someone who is a suitable role model, educator and disciplinarian for school aged children??

And dare I even broach the subject of where the children learned to perform ORAL SEX?? This is not something that just pops into the mind of a seven year old “Oh, that looks like a good place to put my mouth!” No, that is learned behavior. And if a child has enough knowledge of the intricacies of oral sex, they have been exposed to some sort of abusive behavior. Either they were subjected to such acts at the hands of an older individual, or they were present while they were being done. Both of which are harmful situations.

This story is yet another reason why I would prefer to home school my children when I become a mother. There is enough negativity that children are exposed to day to day, they do not need to be subjected to totally inappropriate behavior like this. And, as this case proves, we cannot trust teachers to provide a safe environment in this day and age.