Hey MSNBC: How Come Ain’t No Black People on the Walls?

Like many of you on the “professional” and “unprofessional” left, I’m still somewhat shocked by the sudden departure of Keith Olbermann, from MSNBC. I woke up this morning feeling like I had been dumped via a text message without as much as an explanation. And, I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who feels this way today; I’m sure many of my lefty friends are bustin’ windows out of cars à la Jazzmine Sullivan over this Olbermann breakup.

There’s been much speculation as to why he left; and to be quite frank, listening in last night on twitter, theorists started sounding like those thruthers. I heard it all last night; from the acquisition of NBC by Comcast, to him getting Rachel Maddow pregnant as as to why he left. But at this point, who knows, right?

The one thing I did think last night, was that Keith’s departure opens up an opportunity for someone else. And in my ever present, race-card-carrying self, I see this as an opportunity for a person of color. I mean think about it: on MSNBC’s prime-time lineup, there aren’t any black, brown, or beige people hosting shows, are there? I don’t know about you, but it’s hard for me to miss the little stuff like the lack of diversity; the small things make a big difference.

With that said, now that Keith Olbermann is gone, maybe a brother (or a sister) like Roland S. Martin (or Donna Brazile) can finally get his (or her) own show on MSNBC instead of waiting around in line to be the next host of BET’s 106th & Park. I mean, surely we’re capable of conducting the huge task that is hosting a nightly political news-talk show; but I could be wrong.

I’d like to think that as a people, we’re more than the tired, recurring, five-minute-negro-with-an-opinion role. But then again, we hate Tavis Smiley and he’s been on the air for twenty years, so go figure. There’s talk about a petition and a boycott of MSNBC for the “firing” of Olbermann,  but no word on what “we” gon’ do. Oh well, I suppose we can’t be too mad; at least we can see ourselves on “Lock Up” every weekend and be happy as we “Lean Forward”.