Lovelle Mixon: Not Your Average American Idol

Listen up Black people: Tony “Scarface” Montana wasn’t real, and Tupac is dead, OK? So, did you get that Black people? Yes, I know how some of you idolize these images and persona’s. Yes I do, and yeah, maybe hip hop is to blame for it a little bit, but those two people were both figments of the imagination of someone intent on making some money. That said, would you stop it with the worship already?! I swear before God and four fat Negroes with Al Sharpton’s perm that this shit has to stop.

Of course I like the movie “Scarface”, and yeah, Tupac was a hip hop legend. But when you people look to Lovelle Mixon as some type of hero or martyr for killing those four cops in Oakland, this weekend, people like these folks right here are stupid. Lovelle Mixon was no hero. Although I never knew the guy, I’m pretty sure its safe to say that he never did shit for his community. I’m just saying, if he did, we would have already known about the dude. As far as I’ve heard, its not like he was a Black Panther or someone the likes of the Black men and women who sought justice back in Oakland circa the 1960’s. I mean, we’re not talking about Mumia Abu-Jamal. Lovelle Mixon is what one can appropriately term: a menace to society.

What we do know about him, is that he was on parole, and had an extensive criminal background. From what I read in this article right here, he was questioned as a suspect in a murder, and did time in prison (6yrs) for assault with a deadly weapon during an armed robbery. And why did he make the conscious decision to blast at the cops after a routine traffic stop? Because he knew there was a warrant for his arrest for violating his parole, for skipping out on a meeting with his parole officer.

“This is a strange one,” said Oakland police Capt. Steve Tull, who is overseeing the investigation. “We don’t know what his motivation is.” If authorities found he had violated the conditions of his parole, Mixon would have faced at most six months in prison, Tull said. Mixon “weighed six months” against his own life and the lives of the officers, Tull said. Relatives of Mixon gathered Sunday morning at an East Oakland home where the parolee had been living until recently. They publicly apologized to the officers’ families and said they were shocked by the sudden burst of violence that has devastated their city. “He’s not a monster,” said his sister, 24-year-old Enjoli Mixon, who said her 4-year-old daughter’s bedroom in a small apartment on 74th Avenue was the scene of much of the bloodshed. It was there, police said, where Mixon fired through a closet wall at a team of SWAT officers, who then shot and killed him. “I don’t want people to think he’s a monster. He’s just not. He’s just not.” “We’re crushed that this happened,” added the gunman’s grandmother, Mary Mixon. “Our hearts and prayers go out to the officers’ families. … This shouldn’t have happened.” – SOURCE

Did his ass have Oscar Grant on his mind when he pulled the trigger? I doubt it. Lovelle’s punk ass just didn’t wanna go back to prison. Yup, Lovelle obviously took Tupac Shakur’s line, “They never take me alive, I’m gettin’ high wit ma fo’ five” a little bit too seriously. So what did he do? He went out like “Tony Montana”. Yep, and he probably yelled, “Say hello to my little friend,” when he did. And for his actions, there a few people who herald him as a hero.

Aww RiPPa you wasn’t there, so you don’t even know how it happened. You know how them cops be lyin’ dawg!

You’re right, I wasn’t there. But I do know that some of my cousins are looking at his actions as payback for the innocent police murder of fellow Oakland native Oscar Grant. I’m all about justice for the family of Oscar Grant – a man who was shot by BART cops and not cops from the city of Oakland by the way – but lets not use the idiotic actions of Lovelle Mixon as a “Fuck The Police” moment. Sure there are people who are still upset about the senseless loss of life of Oscar Grant, but there’s no way what this man did was justice for anyone.

If anything, what he did makes it harder for young Black males who are already under police scrutiny, and are consistently racially profiled. That’s right, this prick is just what they expect to run up against when on patrol. Uh huh, because of this idiot, cops everywhere are going to expect all Black men to be packing semi-automatic pistols and AK-47’s in their buttcheeks. Uh huh, just like this fine citizen, who is now laying dead on a cold slab right about now. I promise you, if silly Negroes start rioting over this fool I’m going to chop somebody in the throat. OK, so I’ll never do something like that, but I just might punch my own damn self.

Look, I know his family is probably in pain right now, and yes I feel for them. However, there are four dead police officers who never got the chance to even go home after their shift because of this guy. I don’t give a rats ass if he passed out turkeys every Thanksgiving in the hood, this guy was no hero. Hero’s save cats from trees, fight social injustice, save lives, and are super-hero’s on NBC.

They also do another host of great things, but they damn sure are not the type of people like Lovelle Mixon. I feel for the relatives of the four dead policemen. Yes I do, and yes, cops do get a bum rap because of the shitty ones on the force. Even so, those four cops didn’t deserve to die the way they did. I swear…Negroes take this movie shit way too seriously. I just wish for once, that they’d pay attention to the part where the “hero” always dies in the end.