Look Mommy, I’m Naked on the Internet; Happy Mother’s Day!

Sometimes I go to the dealership just to get a whiff of that new car smell. It’s a shame I can’t do the same at a strip club. Yes, the new car smell is free, but sadly, getting the whiffs in there isn’t free nor pleasant at times; nothing like perfume to mask the funk of a 12hr day (or night) working the pole. I’m guessing they have to put in extra work just to survive in this economy. That plus with the economic downturn, I’m pretty sure competition is stiff in spots like that.

Sadly, the economy has gotten the best of me as well, and I don’t see myself throwing hard earned money away, making it rain, or even swiping the crack of some woman’s booty. I mean, why do that when I can come to the Internet and get that for free, right? Yup, and I’m talking premium women as in celebrity women being naked on the Internet.

Ok, if you don’t know what I’m talking about, lemme tell you. A few days ago it started with Bad Boy Records’ talent deficient R&B singer Cassie. Supposedly, someone hacked into her computer and posted nude photos of her online. Yup, and a few days later, pictures of Rhianna surfaced on the net as well, and yes, she too was nude. Yup, just in time for Mother’s Day; nothing like some now public nudity to make ole mom’s proud. I haven’t heard the explanation of that one yet, but it is alleged that there is a Chris Brown/Rhianna sex tape soon to surface the net. I don’t know how true it is, but in one of the leaked pics, Chris Brown is seen wearing a pair of some woman’s underwear on his head, and allegedly they belong to Rhianna. If so, maybe that’s why he beat her down?

Now you might say, no harm no foul because normal people take naked pictures of themselves all the time. I’m sorry, but I have yet to have my fat ass standing in front of a mirror with a camera snapping shots of my man boobs in all their glory. The point is, you’re not normal if you do that shit. Either you have issues and you’re seeking attention, and or you’re basically trying to get paid or profit from said attention in one way or another. This is why I have the sneaky suspicion that these females in question are doing this for that very reason.

Well, why would they do that RiPPa, they’re celebrities and they have money?

Well hell, Michael Jackson had money and he still does, however, he did carried a monkey around back in the day! Uh huh, and he did it for attention; yup, normal people don’t walk around with monkeys, and normal people don’t have nude pics of themselves “leaked” onto the Internet. Now they may have a wardrobe malfunction every once in a while, but definitely not have pics like “those” on the Internet. My question is: is this what’s hot in the industry? Is the economy that jacked up that in order for a female artist to sell records she has have photos of herself “accidentally leaked” to the general public via the NET? I know in the industry new music and albums are intentionally leaked for consumption to create a buzz. So is this like the new thing now? Hell I remember when Vanessa Williams had to lose her crown and caught hell for being in the buff. Oh how times have changed.

Your ass and titties has to be put out there to create a buzz on Twitter, as well as websites all over the Internet? I mean, really, is that what I have to do to make this blog be the talk of the town? I’m just sayin! How come Aretha Franklin, Patti LaBelle, Gladys Knight and others didn’t have to do some shit like this in their day to make it? If Aretha were to come out with an album this year, is this what she’d have to do to be successful? Sure I know her titties are damn near always falling out no matter what she wears, but I mean, what ever happened to talent and clean marketing campaign? Seriously, is this what we’re reduced to today in Black America?

I mean, what ever happened to self respect? Sure it can be said that ok, maybe those pics were in fact leaked on accident and not intentional by the people involved. Ok, so yeah, that could be very true. However, being a person in that position doesn’t it stand to reason that you should know better? I mean this is why I think either it was intentionally done by themselves, or maliciously done by someone who meant to embarrass them, or maybe even extort them. Hey that type of stuff happens all the time. But Like I said, I think it was intentional. Hell, if no talent having ass Ray J – you know Brandy’s little brother? – can have a sex tape with a rich chick and then go on to have his own reality show on VH1, one only has to wonder. All I know is, from here on out Chris Brown will be known as a panty sniffer which after already being despised for the Rhianna beatdown takes him down even further. As for the women? Only time will tell I suppose.

Any thoughts on this?

What do you feel, or what do you think about being naked on the Internet?