Putting racial bias aside, with Obama being a black man as myself, a man who I consider a thinking man, you gotta love the critics. You see, I think there is a fear within the populace of a black man becoming president. More so than him being just black, I think the fear is hearkened because of his intelligence, his profession and his educational level. The way I see it, they’re afraid of an intelligent black man having that much power. Its like Obama’s sucess would be an insult to all bumb nigger jokes. This would explain the blind support given to the McCain-Palin ticket. Clearly, as evidenced by McCain camp, there’s a lack of vision for the future of this country. There’s level of ambiguity as to what exactly John McCain is going to do for America. And the irony of this, is that he uses the phrase “Country First” as his battle cry. I guess if you’re a mindless fool, or covered in wool, you’ll be easily sold by this. If you’re gonna make “Country First” your slogan, isn’t it a good idea to judge the strength of your country by the number of people struggling to stay afloat? Or maybe even the number of people currently living below the poverty level? To me, that’s a better measuring stick rather than the number of wealthy people this country has produced. This is why I’m sold on the change Obama proposes. To me, putting your “Country First” has to mean a change, or a shift in paradigm. A shift much needed from the way things currently are in the good ole U S of A. I’m sorry, but Pork Barrel Spending has nothing to do with the current 6% unemployment rate, or with milk being $4 per gallon. I’m a family man, and I love my family as do most of you reading this; my family is important to me. My family is so important that I put them first. Whatever decisions I make, has an impact on them as much as it does me directly or indirectly. This is what I want to see from my president, or the guy I’m supposed to trust to have my best interest at heart; my best interest being my family. To me, Country First is as synonymous as Family First. And I’m not gonna lie, I feel good when I get hugs from my family, and Barack Obama gives me that type of comfort right now in comparison to the efforts of John McCain with his campaign. Most American families are having a hard time trying to stay above water; me and mine included. And I’m sorry, but I don’t see, hear or feel any hope for the future of my family from John McCain.

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Some of you may say that I’m just biased because Obama is black. That’s not so, because up until now, me and my family (i.e. Black people) have been supporting and voting for white candidates since we were afforded the right to vote. Being able to vote, though insignificant to some, gives you the claim to being a part of the democratic process. Voting is as American as apple pie, and many people have died to ensure this right. You may not like whats happening in this great nation of ours, but through the democratic process, one has the ability to affect change. You may not like your options as far as candidates are concerned, but is NOT voting, or a protest vote an intelligent option?

I mean, if your house was on fire would you refuse to call the fire dept. because they’re known to perpetuate racist policies of not hiring blacks? Probably not. After someone breaks into your home and steals your shit while you were gone, do you decide to NOT call the police because of an N.W.A. song or what they (the police) did to Rodney King or Sean Bell? That’s exactly how stupid a protest vote, or not voting at all is in my opinion. It just shows an inability to think critically in an attempt to affect change. or even realizing that you too posses the power to affect change. Its kinda like a fat chick complaining of her thighs rubbing together, and having to wear shitty clothes because finding anything in her size is hard, but not doing anything positive to change her circumstances. Sure sitting on your ass and eating a gallon of your favorite ice cream everyday sounds better than actually getting out exercising, and sweating off a few pounds. But is that really what you wanna do? Do you really wanna live like that and have to call those racist fire fighters to come get your fat ass out of bed when you’re too fat even roll over? QUESTION: How do YOU feel about people not voting, or choosing to vote for “Mickey Mouse” in protest? Its been said that dissent is the highest form of protest, but do you think that choosing not to vote is protest enough, or even the right form of protest?

If you’re gonna use your vote as a form of protest, at least vote for this guy, he’s a little bit like John McCain, age wise, but alot more funnier…