Ladies First Guest Blogger Week – Keeping It On The Downlow by fungke blak chik

Here in the DC area, most people have heard about the statistics in regards to the ‘down-low’ men. You know, the men, who date women, but also like to have their prostate tickled by a penis as well. No, I’m not talking about bi-sexual men, who are open about their bisexuality; I’m talking about those men who choose not to tell women that they enjoy the occasional prostate stimulation of another man, or stimulating a man’s prostate themselves.

I see nothing wrong in being gay or bi-sexual. I don’t care if a man/woman wants to marry/f*ck/date another man or a woman. What I do take issue with is the men who neglect to let a woman know that they like to dip their stick in a man’s ass occasionally.

Up until recently I didn’t know of anyone who was leading a ‘double’ life and being on the ‘down-low’. But then I accidentally found out about an associate of mine, who I know lives his life out in the open as a man who strictly dates women. That was until I happened upon his email (long story) and noticed his subscription to a gay dating site for men.

For a second I was shocked, but then like a puzzle, the pieces of his story actually came together. Our mutual friends all knew he would go out on dates with women, but none of us ever remember him being in an actual relationship with a female. We all knew he was a little ‘extra’ at times when it came to his personality, but we chalked it up to him being in the entertainment/media business. What was even shocking was to read his “type” of man he was looking for. Considering that he’s quite masculine in his looks, we never suspected him to be the ‘bottom’ brother, in search of another masculine man. I guess he’s the quintessential ‘homo-thug’?

In any event, I doubt I’ll ever say anything to him about this information I happened upon, because it’s really none of my business. But he has one more time to ask if I have any girlfriends to hook him up with, because then I’ll have to tell him about himself.

If you found out a friend was on the ‘down-low’ would you confront them about it? Why/Why not?

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