Justice of the Peace Keith Bardwell is not racist; but I am, and it takes one to know one

I’ve been called racist by few people who have visited this blog and on other online forums. One thing that is consistent about that, is the fact that this assertion is always expressed by non-minorities. But hey, studies have shown that the stronger a person of color identifies with his/her culture the more likely it is for them to be perceived as such. Which is funny when you think about it because I have a hard time recalling Black Supremacists groups obtaining permits to march through cities and towns and give hate speeches.

Even more ironic, is when I ask the people or persons levying those claims to define racism. They almost always have a hard time doing so and I’ve came to realize that often they didn’t know what the hell they were talking about.
But after reviewing the recent news from Louisiana surrounding the denial of a marriage license to an interracial couple by a white justice of the peace. I’ve now come to realize that yes, I am racist. I’ve never married a white couple in my home nor have I had a white person use my bathroom so obviously I am racist. Never mind the fact that I have piles and piles of white friends; those friendships are just for show. So yeah, using Keith Bardwell’s logic and that of others like him, I’m definitely a racist individual.