From Pudding Pop to Hip Hop: Bill Cosby releases Hip Hop album, but…

It’s often said that the road to hell is paved with bibles and people with good intentions. Bill Cosby introducing a Hip Hop album to the mainstreams seems to be much like that in my opinion. Dr. William H. Cosby hosted an online town hall meeting last night introducing his project “Bill Cosby presents Cosnorati: State of Emergency”. The album is billed as an outreach of sorts to inner city youth. Good idea, well intentioned as I’ve already mentioned, but listening to him speak last night I saw a 70yr old man who is definitely out of touch.

First off, you’re Bill Cosby; you’ve openly criticized Black youth and urban culture. Not only that, but as Jessie Jackson would say you “talked down to Black people.” But yet now you come with a project to reach the youth? Again, not a bad idea, but you employ the talent of guys we’ve never heard of? Damn Bill, at one point in time I remember you trying to buy NBC. Shit, if you want to reach the youth with a positive message via Hip Hop, stop being cheap; spend some money and put together a project with some well known or more influential rap artists.

An old head like me can appreciate the reverberation of “conscious” Hip Hop today in a landscape where said MCs have a hard time thriving. And no disrespect to the young brothers you’re using for this project, but I doubt they’ll create much of a buzz to even pique the interest of kids who are currently hooked on ring-tone music.

Point blank: I don’t care how nice these guys are on the microphone, kids are not going to listen to three no-name emcees tell them to pull up their pants. Especially when one time womanizer, baby having on the side, “Come On People”, Bill Cosby is behind it, and you can’t say “filth, filth, flarn filth, in front of people.”

Don’t get me wrong, I grew up with Cosby’s work. Back in the day I couldn’t wait to wake up on a Saturday morning and hangout with “Fat Albert” and the rest of the crew; it was entertaining. And then I got older and his comedic delivery on Thursday nights in the form of Black family utopia or “The Cosby Show” was well appreciated. Yes, I love Bill Cosby for providing those moments in my youth. But the last thing I want is for, a 70yr old man, touching the art form of Hip Hop, to which I am endeared. Please believe, people never forget the wack albums; and I’d hate to see Cosby’s featured on “VH1’s 100 Wackest Hip Hop Albums of all Time” in the future.

If Bill Cosby truly cared about reaching the kids via Hip Hop he would buy BET instead of putting out a rap album that nobody is going to listen to. Seriously Bill if you’re not going to do that, stick to Jazz and those ugly 90s sweaters because Hip Hop isn’t you. How about you put out a comedy album that’s designed to target parents instead. If you want to reach kids go back to Jell-O Pudding Pops and “Little Bill” on Nick Jr. my friend.

Not that I’m looking to you to throw on a cape and be “Leonard Pt. 6” again to save urban youth or anything. But since you’re not giving away free CDs – something he really should consider doing – and said kids must purchase to get the message. Cosby would be better served if he were able to put together a serious collaboration to reach a wider audience.

Stop being cheap Bill; freedom ain’t free…

Besides, it’s a state of emergency, right?

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