Jimmy McMillan’s “The Rent is Too Damn High” Political Party, Something to Get With

It’s been said that there’s a disconnect between the Obama administration and us regular folks here in America. One way to fix this be it a media driven meme or not, is to employ Jimmy McMillan as White House press secretary [read more about him here].

Yes, say buh bye to Robert Gibbs, folks. Life would be better with a guy like McMillan at the helm. Hopefully somebody up there in DC takes notice of this, and sees the value of this brothas message. Here he is at New York’s gubernatorial debate last night:

Surely this guy is seen as a joke by many, but I assure you he’s no Alvin Greene; not in the least. Ok, yeah, so the creepy Black Colonel Sanders-Hulk Hogan mix can be off-putting, though reminiscent of something from Parliament Funkadelic. But, there’s no denying that this guy’s message is clear:

The Rent is too Damn High!

Not as blunt as Ieshuh Griffith’s “Not The White Man’s Bitch,” campaign slogan. But I think his message and his political party, is one that we all can get behind, no? Say what you want about his chances of becoming the next Governor of New York. But there’s no denying that Democracy is sooo friggin’ awesome.

QUESTION: It’s time for a viable third party, no?