Say what you want about hip hop, love it or hate it, its never gonna die. No matter how ignorant the music may seem these days, white owned record companies are making a killing; don’t let them tell you otherwise. Despite the dumbing down of the music in recent years, I’m still a fan. This is why it pains me to see rappers go to jail. Not that they’re not responsible for the dumb shit that they do. But damn, how come we never hear about the pop stars, the rock stars or the people from other genres going to jail? Lemme guess, rappers are all criminals with recording contracts? But what about the former rappers. You know, the guys who we don’t hear about anymore? You know, those one hit wonders? Where are they now? Do they commit crimes? Probably not. Well, unless your name is Kwame, retired rapper turned mayor of Detroit. He was one of my favorite rappers back in the day. He was safe, he never fit the description as one of those trouble maker rappers. He rapped about his pursuit with women, parties, humor, and polka-dots. Remember him now? He was the dude who wore those fly rayon polka-dot shirts. He also rocked the high top fade with the blond streak. Remember that? If you’re my age I’m sure you do. Hell, that shit was hot in the streets and I even rocked polka-dots. Kwame was never about bitches and hoes, hustlin, or even gang bangin. Like I said, he was safe, and, he was musically talented. But like all rap careers, it had to come to and end. I was surprised to hear that he went from hip hop to politics. I always thought it was a risky move becoming the mayor of Detroit when Eminem was clearly the man. Sure Eminem is the coldest white rapper alive, and yes he’s from Detroit. But you know rappers are territorial like that. How dare an old skool rapper become the mayor of Detroit especially when you were a New York polka-dot wearing rapper?!!! How dare he have a lavish party the likes of a hip hop music video, complete with strippers at the mayors mansion??!! “8 Mile bitch!!” But even with that said, I don’t think it was Eminem who took him down. So who did it? It was the Hip Hop Police. They’ve been known to have an agenda when it comes to silencing rappers. But Kwame wasn’t even rappin anymore. Sure he wasn’t. But being named “The Hip Hop Mayor” as he was called is dangerous. I mean, if hip hop is as influential on kids today as it has been, why would it not be considered dangerous for more young people to get involved in the political process? Why would the old cronies in charge, who give no thought to our youth want a young black man to influence the youth vote the way he did? That’s my theory on why they took him down. I know I could be wrong, but this is what I think. I mean really, what did he do? He’s going to jail for lying. Fuckin lying? What man do you know who gets busted cheating tells the truth? Bill Clinton lied about getting some head from an ugly fat chick, and he was impeached, but he didn’t go to jail or lost his job! George Bush lied and as a result, at least 4000 American soldiers are dead. And lets not count the 1.3 million dead Iraqi’s either. But Mr. Bush still has his job, and has yet to go to jail. But not Kwame. He’s hip hop. He’s Black, and George Bush likes Country music. And Kwame is a young black mayor, and we can’t have that in politics. Shit, I feel bad for the dude. He probably would have had more luck retiring from rap and moving to Wasilla Alaska. But then again, he would probably be blamed for the pregnancy of this certain ex-mayor’s 17yr old daughter. I wonder if her pregnancy would be accepted then if the father of her kid was black? But, there you have it America, the hip hop mayor goes to jail. Yup, do all you can to destroy hip hop. Fuck it, hip hop is the blame for everything. That being said, never mind the unfairness, Kwame had to go down for lying. I just wish that there was more political consciousness in hip hop, and less booty shakin. Maybe if that were the case, Bristol Palin would not be pregnant, Kwame would still be mayor, and Barack Obama wouldn’t have to denounce Ludacris’ lyrics like he did a couple months ago. Who knows. maybe all of this is bullshit. Maybe he had to go down because he had a muslim sounding name? Oh well, I wish Suge Knight wasn’t as broke as he is these days. If he wasn’t, it would be nice if he got Kwame out of prison like he did Tupac, and made a dope album. I say that because clearly, hip hop and politics don’t mix. If I were him, I’d “keep it real” as rappers do and have a going to jail party like Lil Kim did. But this time, I’d leave the strippers out of it. That shit wouldn’t look good on a BET reality series. And I damn sure wouldn’t invite DMX with his crazy ass.