Ok, so much has been said about black men abandoning their kids. Yes, 70% of black kids grow up in homes without a father present. This would mean that 30% of kids grow up in homes with a father present. However, recent studies have shown that black men, present at home or not, are more caring, and spend time with their kids than any other ethnicity. Unfortunately, this never gets reported in the media. Some fathers do spend time with their kids. Check this out…

MEMPHIS, TN — A man is behind bars after leaving his
3-year-old son behind after crashing his car and then fleeing on foot. Forty-six-year-old David Coopwood was charged with driving
under the influence and child endangerment after a minor traffic accident Sunday
night. A police affidavit said Coopwood tried to run from the scene
but was chased down and held for authorities by two witnesses to the accident. Coopwood is accused of leaving his son, who was not properly
restrained, sitting on the front seat of his car. Witnesses say they boy suffered minor injuries when the car’s
air bag deployed. The boy’s mother came and picked him up from the accident
scene according to police. Coopwood later blew a .323 on a breathalyzer test. He was charged with DUI, public intoxication, and violating
child restraint laws.


Ok, so this guy was drunk, and yes he abandoned his kid after wrecking the car. But hey, at least he was there with his kid, right? According to statistics, 70% of black kids wish they were as fortunate as his 3yr old kid. I dunno, maybe the dude ran because he didn’t have insurance? Maybe he shoulda got GEICO with ya money? Damn I love Memphis!