It gets no more Republican, or more White than this guy running for office

I could be wrong, but this guy scares me; and, I don’t even live in Alabama:

Um, I don’t know what he – Dale Peterson – is  talking about with that whole his opponent stealing yard signs thing, and Facebook? And frankly, I don’t care. All I know is that this is the most scary campaign ad to the eyes of a black man. I’m sorry, you could be a black person living in Zimbabwe, and still be disturbed by what sounds like a slave master or overseer running for office. Uh-huh, and Agriculture commissioner at that?

“We’re Republicans, we should be better than this.” – Dale Peterson

Ummm, yeeeah, something tells me that if he had it his way, those “illegals busting in the door,” and the black people who live in Alabama – plus Charles Barkley just for having aspirations of becoming Governor one day – will all be working for free picking cotton in the Crimson state. Um, he did say that, “he’ll name names and take no prisoners,” as he hoisted that rifle, didn’t he? Uh-huh, all he needed was a few nooses to make it complete, no?

I could be very wrong, but this is way more epic than Charlton Heston’s “Cold dead hands,” bit. Yep, it doesn’t get any more white, more American, and more Republican than this guy. As funny as it may sound, I’d be more comfortable voting for a guy who goes by the name Young Boozer than this guy; he seems harmless.