Arizona, Black Folks and Bananas in the Tailpipe (by Eco.Soul.Intellectual)

Oh yes, I am back!Right after LeBron “Punk Ass” James failed to deliver again.

Now, now, he’s not overrated, he’s just spoiled. Send his ass to the Clippers and let him understand hard times.

That’s right, I forgot, he’s trying to slither his way to the NJ Nets under the influence of Jay Z who has secretly snatched the only source of entertainment for black folks in Jersey and send the b-ball team to Brooklyn.

Let’s hope the recession puts that on an indefinite hold. I live right down the street from the Prudential Center and I’m getting some tickets. They’ve got great funnel cakes and beer.

But if James does come to the Nets (and damn do they need a savior) and chokes like he did for the Cavaliers, he needs to be prepared to face Brick City. There will be some goons ready for that ass.

Okay, so let’s talk about ass and the assholes in Arizona. Wait a minute, let me back up a bit. I will start with some of the messages on my Facebook page from African-Americans who are praising the racial profiling and racist policies in Arizona.

Hooray, some cheer, as they think that the good old U.S of A, specifically anti-King Holiday Arizona is opening a door to hire their black ass. Uh-no.

As a matter of fact, I get into heated debates with folk in my family who have valid reasons for their angst against folk who willingly come to the US for a better life. They just put it in the wrong context.

In the end, the overarching issue is exploitation from both sides. Undocumented workers are paid slave labor and unskilled black workers are cut out of jobs that were historically given to them, so they don’t get any slave labor.

It is interesting how the blame always goes to the one with the least power. And the ones who push the laws are the ones who will gain the least from them. In fact, they will experience adverse affects from it.

AZ makes it very easy for white supremacist and classist policies to be passed all in the slogan of protecting the US Citizens of all colors.

But I always tell my black folk, be careful what you cheer for because your citizenship is on permanent probation too.

And of course, like predictable history, the white man speaks with forked tongue. And I am not saying this as the literal “white man,” but the history of the US goverment promising one thing, but delivering another monster. I call it the classic “banana in the tailpipe.”

So now a bill is up for consideration in Arizona to cut ethnic studies from schools. Bye-Bye Black, Asian and Chicano Studies, your existence is irrelevant. Get the banana out of your ass and think before you support.

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