So I’m sitting here wondering to myself: Should black people celebrate Independence Day? I dunno, but I think we were slaves when the Declaration of Independence was signed. I wasn’t there that day, but I don’t think they bgave black folks the day off on that day. Nor did they invite any of us to the family cookout. But hey, black people celebrating the 4th of July is just some ole’ copy cat shit we picked up through assimilation; we can’t help it; we always find a reason to celebrate and party; 400yrs of slavery and oppression will do that to ya.

Fuck it, I can’t be mad at that. I’m gonna go to a cookout, drink lots of sodas (no beer), and raise my blood pressure fuckin with that pork we all love so much. I just wished as black people that we’d celebrate the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION as big as we do the 4th of July. If you ask the average black kid, or adult for that matter what day we were emancipated, they’d probably tell you it was Decenber 25th when Jesus was born. But who’s fault is that? Ours of course. We’ve failed to place a significant importance of that day, all the while bitching about being given 28 days to celebrate black history. But its not too late for us. We can get to work and be as progressive as the fine folks of Barnsville Georgia…


We need to have our own celebration as big as the 4th of July all over this country. I recently heard about “Juneteenth” and hell I’m 37yrs old. Not too many people celebrate that day in regognition of the emancipation of the slaves. But if there was a NIGGA DAY, I think you’d see it take off all over the country. Not exactly the most dignifying word to use for the title. But lets be honest, the word NIGGA is pretty catchy. Hell, the word still lives on even after the NAACP tried to bury it last year. Besides, the rappers would be able to give us free advertising.

I think its high time that blacks in this country embrace their niggerdom and celebrate it nationally. Its pretty sad that we celebrate all these “white folks” holidays and reject our own. Somebody get me Obama’s phone number. I need to give him a call and try to make this shit happen….

Fried chicken & watermelon for everybody!!

BTW: If you fail to see the humor or sarcasm in this post don’t get mad…I’m as American as baseball, apple pie, and cotton fields. Relax, its a part of our history. And if you’re still mad…drink a warm cup of bleach.