Thats right, thats exactly what I’m gonna do to you. Damn right bitch. I’m gonna rape you and its all your fault. What? Plain and simple, you have something that I want, and I’m gonna take it. So what its your pussy. That shit don’t mean nothing. Besides, I get off on over-powering women anyway.

Yeah I know that sounds sick, but fuck it, its your fault. You damn right it is! If you didn’t walk out of your house half naked, and lookin all good and shit, none of this would have ever happened. The fuck is wrong with you coming out the crib and makin my dick hard like that?! Matter of fact, I don’t even know why they have laws against rape to protect you bitches. I mean, y’all deserve to be treated like whores for the way you dress everyday.

They need to have laws that protect me from you while I rape your ass. Damn straight. If a bitch fuckin hurts me as I take the pussy in any way shape or form, I should be able to sue that hoe. Or better yet, just kill the bitch. For real tho. How you gon act like you like rough sex by trynna fight me off and then spray pepper spray in my eye. You hoes should be arrested, and thrown in jail for the way you look.

Me? A woman hater? Hell no I’m not. My momma’s a woman, and I love her. Shit, she don’t dress or act like you bitches. My momma’s a woman, and you’re a hoe. Big difference. Guilty? Me? Feel guilty? Fuck no! Why should I feel guilty when its your fault?!! Fucked up childhood and upbringing? Ha! Thats funny as hell. Naw baby, thats not it, its just the way it is. Nobody gives a fuck about you being a victim.

Matter of fact, I’m the one victimized not you. I’m the one who had to walk around with a rock hard dick because of you, and how fine you are. But see, thats whats wrong with you muthafuckas. Y’all always wanna play the victim. You people…thats right, people with pussy…always gotta act like y’all the victims. Don’t y’all realize that the sooner you get over it and act like the rest of us good people in society just how much better off you’d be. Actually, the minute you do that, you just might enjoy gettin ran off in the ass like the bitch that you are.

BTW: What you just read above was inspired by society, the media, and the following video below. Yeah, I know you fuckers never watch the videos on here. Instead, you rely on the stuff you hear in the mainstream media. That’s cool if you wanna remain ignorant I guess. But hey, thats just me.


wouldn’t it be cool if all rapists were portrayed as the victims?

You know…

kinda like Black people, or any other oppressed group of humans?

If I were you, I’d stop believing the hype, and speak truth to power.
P.S. No hoes were harmed in the writing of this blog.