If you think these crazy ass people marching on Washington hates Obama now. Just wait until the immigration debate starts next year

This weekend and in days to come I think I’m going to go around and interrupt random conversations people are having by saying “YOU LIE!!” Speaking of which, did you notice the line that sparked Rep. Joe Wilson’s now infamous remark? Uh huh, his remark was in response to what Obama said as it pertains to “illegal immigrants” being covered in the proposed health care bill. I get the sense that the good congressman from the state of South Carolina may not like Eric Estrada’s cousins so much.

But then I found out that’s not true. You see, according to opencongress.org: Joe Wilson Voted to Provide Taxpayer Money for Illegal Immigrants’ Healthcare. Wow, you mean to tell me the truth teller himself is actually down with buying Robitussin for the relatives of Lou Dobb’s wife who is also a Hispanic American immigrant? Now if this ain’t as hypocritical as Louis Farrakhan eating a pulled pork sandwich then I don’t what what is. But then again, maybe he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer and he thinks all illegal immigrants are actually Puerto Ricans.

So in the interest of truth:

Falsehood #1: Illegal immigrants will get taxpayer benefits under the health care reform proposals under consideration. Fact: Every proposal on the table explicitly disqualifies illegal immigrants from receiving federal benefits. See the Senate HELP Committee bill, Section 151 and the Energy-Commerce Committee bill, Section 246. Falsehood #2: An ironclad citizenship verification mechanism will protect U.S. taxpayers and reduce costs by preventing illegal immigrants from receiving benefits. Fact: Opponents of reform cite the defeat of the verification amendments to health care legislation during House committee markups as proof that “illegals” will benefit from health care reform. In fact, by defeating the overly restrictive amendments committee members preserved critical administrative flexibility in defining the most effective verification process. Some verification process will be required under a new program to enforce the explicit prohibition on benefits to illegal immigrants. But we have already seen that certain citizenship verification requirements in the Medicaid and Medicare eligibility contexts have created obstacles for U.S. citizens while failing to identify undocumented immigrants or save taxpayer money. The implementing agencies must have the flexibility to establish processes that maximize participation by citizens while barring undocumented immigrants from the program. Falsehood #3: Illegal immigrants are a vast part of the uninsured population and removing them will solve the health care crisis. Fact: We have approximately 46.3 million uninsured people in this country, and less than 7 million of those individuals are undocumented immigrants. That means 40 million Americans are uninsured. Solving the illegal immigration problem—important in its own right—will not solve the health care crisis. Falsehood #4: Illegal immigrants consume large quantities of health care resources. Fact: Illegal immigrants are already ineligible for Medicaid and Medicare and will remain so under current proposals. Even legal immigrants are ineligible for Medicaid for a five-year period. Immigrants across the board use fewer health care resources—from fewer office visits to fewer emergency room visits—than U.S. citizens. The argument that illegal immigrants are the cause of our health care woes is simply untenable. [source: Center for American Progress]
Sure Joe Wilson’s outburt may have been a reflex action to anything Obama like the group of self proclaimed racist assholes patriots who are marching on Washington to the drumbeat of Glenn Beck. Yes, I realize that, and yes maybe he forgot that at one time he did vote so that hospitals would be reimbursed by the gov’t for attending to uninsured illegal immigrants. Whatever the reason, I’m pretty sure “the base” of his party would overlook this fact as they continue their assault on anything Obama while overlooking the runaway spending by the previous administration.

If you think the rhetoric or the political climate is bad right now? Just wait until the immigration debate starts next year. If you think “certain people” want their country back right now? Just wait till next year when Barack Obama wants to give it away to all those illegal fence jumping, criminal drug dealing brown people from south of the border; hell, he’s already given it away to Negroes. I get the feeling that the facts on immigration will be distorted worse than they have been when it comes to health care reform. If you think “white folks not gon’ take it no’mo,” as Pastor James David Manning lamented recently, just wait ’till next year.