This just in from the “This N*ggas Crazy” files: “White folks not gon’ take it no mo’!!”

Listen, I don’t know if you people actually watch videos posted on blogs. I suspect that some of you value your time and as a result you would rather read than to watch a video. Listen, I spent 10 minutes of my precious life watching the following video by Pastor David Manning. No, my life isn’t any better for it, but dammit I had a good laugh, and maybe I’ll live longer because of it. Not one to keep a good joke to myself, today I offer you the stultifying performance of this years leading nominee of my annual “Coon Award”.

Pastor David Manning Ladies and Gentlemen:Did you find this as funny as I did? No seriously, I laughed my ass off at this guy. And why? Because obviously this Negro is scared. Can you picture him in the days of slavery? Shit, forget the days of slavery, this clown probably still picks cotton for free every Wednesday just before prayer meeting. No this fool didn’t say, that there are White militant groups forming right now and he’s praying for their success; and, that he hopes they let him join them. I dunno, I haven’t been to church in a long time, but if this guy was here in Memphis I’d go every Sunday. Yes, this is the type of sermon I can appreciate; shit like this makes me laugh; and for that, there’d a be a good tip thrown into the collection plate every week. I’m sorry, but Dave Chappelle’s “Black White Supremacist” skit has just been officially murdered by this man. Yes, “Clayton Bigsby” ain’t got shit on Pastor Manning.WHITE POWDER!!