If I smoked weed, in honor of 4/20…

My blog would say something political like:
“Jobs Bill? Fuck a Jobs Bill, son! G’head and make weed legal so niggas ain’t gotta worry about a damn piss test!! Shit, ain’t nobody ever blown up no hotel trynna grow weed like them white boys do with that meth shit. But yet muthafuckas stay trynna criminalize and throw niggas in jail, and for what? What muthafucka you know ever stole from they kids or they momma just so they can cop a sack?

But naww, we got niggas running around cracked out looking like a dinosaur extra from Jurassic Park n’ shit. And people ‘posed to believe that they that way ‘cuz they rolled and smoked a splif a time or two. Shit, speaking ’bout rollin’. If weed was as addictive as they say it is, as long as I been smokin’, nigga you woulda thought I woulda known how to roll a joint already! Shit, weed been around forever and it ain’t break the hood down like crack did. Real talk, how many bitches you know will suck a dick for a dimebag or a cheeseburger?”I would probably make some more political statements about projected revenue if weed were legal and being a viable way for state and local governments in these recessionary times. Or even the fact that smoking weed is probably the one thing that brings white and black people together in harmony as symbolized in the pic above. But then again, being a weed smoker my memory would shot and would have left all of that important stuff out. But on some real shit? I’m still wating to see the show Intervention on A&E feature a weed head like they do all other “substance” abusers. The day I see a weed head cry on that show like this crackhead in the following clip, is when I’d say that weed is bad, but until then….