Get ready for Tea Party TV: New right-wing network, Right Network, set to launch this summer

Had enough media coverage that highlights the exploits of Republicans, the Tea Party, and the tin foil hat wearing bunch? Yep, just when you’ve finally conceded that Fox News is indeed the devil in as red dress (pun intended), in steps a new network destined to give more airtime to people the likes of Jon Voight, Michelle Bachman, and now Kelsey Grammer?

I swear I never liked that dude Frasier Crane; but I digress. I’m guessing using him in a promo would appeal to the more intellectual and less redneck side of Conservatism (We’ll see how good that works). Hopefully these new guys at RightNetwork are not gonna try and fool us with the “fair and balanced” version of what passes for journalism from Fox News. According to this PDF, RightNetwork is going to be responsible for providing “a perspective we don’t generally get from the media.” No word yet on footage of protesters spitting on lawmakers and or derogatory words.

Let’s be honest, without that, we can all agree that their presentation would be a different perspective. Oh yeah also different is that their channel “focuses on entertainment with Pro-America, Pro-Business, Pro-Military sensibilities.” Yep because Fox News is just a bit too Liberal for some, and just not American enough. At any rate, checkout the following promo shot at a recent Tea Party rally in (D) Senator Harry Reid’s hometown of Searchlight, Nevada. Oh yeah, pay attention to the 35 second mark. They managed to throw a brotha into the mix and captured him doing a jig…. literally! Yep, not too different from Fox as far as Negroes are concerned…