How The Koch Brothers Are Racist Corporatists

So Charles Koch – one half of the infamous uber-rich right-wing money machine known as the Koch Brothers – had a meeting with wealthy GOP donors in Colorado  recently. Brad Friedman of The Brad Blog is reporting over at Mother Jones that there is an audio of the Charles Koch, where in addressing would-be-donors, he referred to president Obama as “Saddam Hussein”.  In doing so, he urged attendees to donate because the fight against president Obama in 2012, would be the “mother of all wars.” Of course nothing gets a room full of wealthy right-wingers than talks of war. After all, as the old saying goes: chaos breeds opportunity, albeit for the rich.

Check out the audio via Think Progress:

Now I’m not sure if I can say it was racist of him referencing Saddam Hussein and liking the battle against president Obama next year to a war. Now if he said that Obama should be hung like Saddam Hussein, maybe. However, as far as the Koch Brothers being racist. I do know the Koch Brothers have spend large sums of money to support the push for the re segregation of public schools in Wake County, North Carolina. Yep, that’s that chaos breeds opportunity thing again. In this case the Koch Brothers are bent on destroying the public school system, by essentially keeping minority children from poor neighborhoods, away from white kids in more affluent school districts with their neighborhood schools plan. A plan that will create a huge opportunity for school privatization, and in turn profits for someone should this actually be allowed to happen. Yes folks, it’s literally a game of divide and conquer where non-billionaires will lose.

This via People For The American Way (PFAW):

The Koch brothers have had a piece of the right-wing anti-public education franchise for some time, through their sponsorship of the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). The corporate-funded think tank has churned out all sorts of model legislation for right-wing state legislators aimed at undermining and defunding public education.

Now, through the Koch-created and funded Americans for Prosperity (AFP), the Koch brothers have taken their attacks on public education to a new level: attempting to reinstitute school segregation.

A brand new video from our friends at Brave New Foundation — a part of their “Koch Brothers Exposed” series — details the disturbing rise of racial resegregation in one award-winning North Carolina school district. The story goes like this: AFP supported a slate of right-wing school board candidates who ran on a platform that echoed those of 1960’s southern segregationists like George Wallace almost verbatim … they won, and now they are using their power to hurt the public school system by not only erasing the district’s commendable achievements of diversity, but hurting the quality of public education received by all the district’s students.

People For the American Way and PFAW’s African American Ministers in Action (AAMIA) program are both incredibly proud to cosponsor the release of this video, and we’re hopeful that we can help shine a light on this latest right-wing attack on public education, racial equality and civil rights

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