Delaware Family Finds Cross With Racial Slurs In Yard

I don’t know about you, but when I think about crosses being burned or planted outside of a Black homeowners residence, I generally never think of the state of Delaware. I mean why would I since all that racism stuff is so southern? Surely if you live in the north east and you’re reading this you’re feeling me on that. But check out what happened a couple days ago in Delaware of all places. It’s being labeled a hate crime, and somehow I think it’s just a prank like those nooses being hung a few years ago. Yeah, Black folks often get riled up for no reason over this so-called racism:

The sight froze Wayne Parson.

The 58-year-old had walked onto his front porch expecting to mow his lawn Monday morning. Instead, he hollered for his wife, Pier, to come downstairs and look at the white cross someone had planted in their front yard.

The racist symbol made of PVC pipe had racial slurs scrawled on it several times, written large enough for Parson to read as soon as he saw it. Near the bottom, it read, “Burn in hell.”

New Castle County police are calling the incident a hate crime, and the Parsons, who are black, remain disturbed that this would happen in front of their Newark-area home of 22 years

“It took my breath away. I’m feeling this heaviness in my chest, and I’m trying to wrap my head around why someone would do this,” Parson said. “There’s not much to say. It’s someone who’s ignorant and probably hates for no reason.”

On Monday afternoon, police canvassed Parson’s neighborhood, a small subdivision off Kirkwood Highway between Delaplane Manor and Roseville Park called Delaplane Court. Investigators have not ruled whether it was the act of a group or an individual, Cpl. John Weglarz said […]

[…]  Parson said he had always felt safe and at ease on his street, Delrose Court, a two-block stretch with a cul-de-sac at each end. He and his wife raised two children there, and people on the block look out for one another.

“This is a typical day,” said Parson, as neighbors worked in their gardens and an ice cream truck rolled by. “Other than the police cars being here.”

Police in his neighborhood is an unusual sight, Parson said. The block is quiet and most residents hold professional jobs as lawyers, teachers, bankers and professors. Parson himself manages bankruptcy cases at a local law firm, while his wife works at the DuPont Co. Parson said he couldn’t fathom anyone on his block could be responsible. (source)

Yes Mr. Parsons; I’m shocked too. I would have never thought that something old school such as this could ever take place today in America; and especially not in Delaware. Now maybe in Mississippi where they’re into running Black men over in Ford F-150 trucks, maybe. But definitely not in the north east. OK, so they caught the kids that did it. But I’m sure this was just a prank and nothing racial or racist at all. After all, we are post-racial and beyond this stuff, right?