The How I Got Over Episode: The Testimonial Show on BlogTalkRadio

Have you ever faced a situation that seemed insurmountable? Have you ever gone through something that threatened to leave you defeated and broken? I am going through something right now. In fact, I have been going through something for about the last week or so that has left me unable to see anything except shadows. During the time I have been unable to see, Seattle Slim of Happy Nappy Head has so graciously taken the time to maintain by blog for me. And for that I am grateful. In addition, I have asked Max Reddick of soulbrother v.2 to compose this announcement for me this morning. He will also be contributing to the blog later this week. But before you begin to feel sorry for me, please don’t, because I will overcome this only to emerge on the other side better, stronger, wiser. People must go through things in life and the resulting narrative of triumph, or overcoming, is what makes life beautiful. And on the BlogTalkRadio program, Freedom through Speech, which I co-host with Max Reddick, we will be discussing that very same thing tonight—the narratives of people who have persisted and persevered against great odds in a show entitled “How I Got Over: The Testimonial Show.” So, join us tonight on the Freedom thru Speech blog talk radio broadcast. We will feature the narratives of Nicole McLean of My Fabulous Boobies, Nina Brewton of Be Inspired, and Michael Stagg of My II Sense who all have beautiful narratives to share. And we will perhaps feature your narrative too if you are willing to just tune in and call in. Nevertheless, this is a broadcast that you do not want to miss. You can listen or comment by dialing the show’s call-in number at 914-803-4881 or by simply going to our BlogTalkRadio page by just clicking here.