The Easter Bunny leaves racist notes in Michigan eggs

You know it’s really hard to believe that it is already the middle of March; damn, where did the last couple of months go? The next thing you know Christmas is gonna be on us all over again. Speaking of which, you know if we all pulled together and pitched in I’m sure we could buy Rush Limbaugh a Toyota Prius for Christmas. Yeah, just a thought, folks. And speaking of religious themed holidays and thoughtfullness. Check out what the Easter Bunny has been up to in Michigan these days:
AUBURN HILLS – A number of African-American families in Auburn Hills, Mich., said they found racist messages inside plastic eggs left in their yards.

WDIV-TV, Detroit, said Monday the eggs found outside certain area residences Sunday included notes referencing the Aryan Nation as well as certain racial slurs.

Shamir Lyles told the TV station she saw firsthand the impact of the notes as a girlfriend’s son opened one of the eggs and read its hateful message.

“He was shocked. He didn’t know what it was, he thought it was the Easter bunny,” Lyles said. “I was really shocked. I mean, you know the feelings are out there and the thoughts are there, but to just be openly displayed like this … I was really kind of shocked this happened in our area.”

WDIV said the incident is under investigation by police.Damn, what ever happened to the good old days when toilet papered a house, throw eggs at it, or burn a cross on the front lawn? Something tells me that somebody in Michigan at least, is taking this “Jesus was a black man,” thing too seriously. Yep, especially when they killed him on a cross some 2000yrs ago, only to wake up three days later and eventually become the president of the United States. But then again, he was handing out money to Negroes in Detroit not too long ago….