Henry Louis Gates Jr: “Open and shut case Johnson; lets sprinkle some crack on him and lets get out of here.” – Cambridge Police

Racism? What racism? Henry Louis Gates Jr. should have known better than trying to enter his home while wearing a ski mask. Him being a prominent African American scholar you’d think he knew better. I mean if it were Halloween that would have been different; everybody dresses up in costumes on that day you know. That said, how in the world was the neighbor who called the cops to know it was him trying to break into his own house? Yeah, and why would said neighbor vouch for him after the police showed up? I mean, you know all Black people residential burglars look alike, right? Shit, I wouldn’t wanna stick my head out and vouch for the guy either. You start doing that and all of sudden your neighborhood is over-ran by Black people as they move in.

Yeah, it’s just like you Black folks to get arrested and scream racial profiling and racism. Yep, you people always cry foul and never take into account your actions when encountering the police. Instead of keeping his mouth shut or providing some ID, he accused the cops of being racist and went to jail for disorderly conduct. Yep, you Negroes sure do have a way of getting that street cred by that whole “keepin’ it real” thing. Well you know what Black people? Cops are known to keep in realer. And can you blame them? They do all of this in the interest of public safety. Uh huh, and if the cops don’t do it, there are certain people in the state of Texas who are known to take justice into their own hands. Yes, and Henry Louis Gates Jr. better thank Black Baby Jesus that this little incident didn’t transpire next door to Mr. Joe Horn: America’s hero.

That’s right, the police in this case was responding to a call of a concerned citizen, but you Negroes aren’t happy about that. First you guys are against the “Stop Snitching” movement, but are all mad now because some smart Black guy got arrested? Listen Black people, you can’t have it both ways. I mean you don’t hear those oppressed White criminals upstanding caucasian citizens bitching and moaning when they become victims of reverse racism, do you? Oh you don’t think White people are victims of reverse discrimination when it comes to crime? OK, well obviously you haven’t noticed those Brinks Home Security commercials on TV. Obviously you haven’t noticed that in those commercials all the perps are always White. Uh huh, they never show a Black perp kicking in a door, and why is that? Reverse discrimination.

Yes, and it’s funny how you people are always quick to pull some conspiracy out of your rectums when it comes to racism. Yeah, lemme guess, COINTELPRO and the CIA were behind this latest event, no? Yep, it’s always “the man” or maybe the actions of some “Spook Who Sat By The Door”, who is responsible for taking down one of our own. Yep, the same ones who set-up Michael Vick and planted dead pit bulls on his property; yep, it’s always a conspiracy. But what’s sad is that you people don’t see the real conspiracy behind this one. Yes, you guys don’t see that this is all the work of CNN. Uh huh, Henry Louis Gates Jr. was a contributor in the upcoming installment of Black in America 2 which premieres this week. Umm, do you think it’s a coincidence that he’s in the news as a victim of racial profiling?

Look, all jokes aside, what happened to the good professor was really messed up. If anything it should serve notice to you Uppity Elitist Negroes/Black Republicans that racism is indeed something that everybody encounters in spite of their socio-economic status. Yes, the same way poor people in “the hood” cry foul when dealing with the police, so too can you be a victim. I don’t exactly know how many wake up calls are needed in our society. But I find it ironic – and telling – that this took place on the very campus of the University that Barack Obama attended where he was the president of the Harvard Law Review. Looks like post-racial has come full circle don’t you think? Henry Louis Gates Jr. the formidable Havard African American scholar is lucky they didn’t sprinkle some crack on him.