Hello, Mexico? Yes, this is Arizona, could you please send them there illegals back now?

So, um, if the “illegal” Mexicans are taking all the jobs? How come two years ago legislators in Arizona were scrambling to create a guest worker program of their own? How come they did this complete one hundred and eighty degree turnaround after enforcing strict immigration laws? I mean, what the fuck Arizona?

They even unsuccessfully tried to hire a “lost boy from Africa.” So is that what happened, Arizona? Did you folks pass SB1070 to stick it to the Feds because they didn’t approve your guest worker program? What, white folks aren’t into picking cotton lettuce anymore? More importantly, who’s picking the lettuce now?

Let’s see what the good folks over at FoxBusiness has to say about this:
The most thorough study on the fiscal and economic impact of immigration was done by the non-partisan Texas Comptrollers’ Office in 2006, which showed Texas earned more in taxes and economic output from illegal immigrants than governments spent to provide services.

According to the Comptrollers’ office, state and local governments spent $1.16 billion to provide services like education, health care and safety, but raised an estimated $1.58 billion in tax revenues. Based on the data, the Texas taxpayer made a $424.7 million profit on its illegal immigrant population in 2006.

Fiscally, illegal immigrants contribute mostly to state and local coffers primarily through sales and property taxes, which are mostly unavoidable. A majority of illegal immigrants pay federal, state and local income tax as well – 50% to 75%, according the Congressional Budget office.

Figures found in studies such as Texas’ 2006 study, or another 2007 study by the CBO, which did a survey of all data for the past 30 years and concluded that fiscal impact of services provided to illegal immigrants “is mostly modest,” stands in contrast to political rhetoric that fueled the passage of Arizona SB1070.Well damn, look at all them there jobs good white folks could be having; and, subsequently providing a positive impact on the economy. Huh? What? Black folks? Um, y’all tried than one out already; didn’t turn out too good for us. And in spite of Rand Paul supporting Emancipation, but thinking it shouldn’t apply to private plantation owners. Let’s just say that we ain’t going out like that for free, or even at the rates white folks refuse to work for. .