The Boondocks: The Story of Jimmy Rebel

Pay close attention to this as it speaks to our new level of “post racial-ness” in America. After watching this, one can appreciate the delicate nuances of the presentation. A style that has come to epitomize the genius of series creator and writer Aaron McGrudder.

I think this episode speaks volumes of our political and social climate. A reality that is denied by white and black people alike. And as Sean Walton Jr,. editor-in-chief of points out. The Boondocks has pushed the limits of mainstream television acceptability, even for the very black folks who the show represents.

This episode in particular tackles the question of just how we’re all supposed to “act” in this newfound uncharted territory of Americanism with a Black president at the steer of the ship. At least, that was my interpretation as I saw it.

So pay attention to the symbolic representation of, racist Republicans, Tea Party activists, and the obvious Negro enablers in this one. And just how the corporate machine profits from our further polarization: