A Global Day of Blogging for Troy Davis: Get off ya ass and do something!

Much like the Strange Fruit hanging from southern trees sung by Billie Holiday is Troy Davis. The only difference, is that the rope has been placed around his neck, but he has yet to meet his fate as set by the miscarriage of justice which has held, and still holds his life in the balance. If you haven’t heard the Troy Davis story, don’t feel bad. I mean it’s not like the media has been covering this case anyway. I’ve written about him before on this blog, and I’ve decided to join others around the globe to speak out on his behalf again. You see, he sits on death row in a Georgia state prison awaiting execution for the murder of an off duty police officer. Like most convicted criminals, he has sworn his innocence.

Umm, just watch the video:

In the face of all this new evidence, the courts have denied him a retrial. They have however given him a 30 day extension to furnish or pursue another appeal. He has been granted 3 stays of execution all at the 11th hour, but yet and still, no retrial. Yup, the judges are not convinced that the new evidence is not sufficient for a jury to find him not guilty. I mean you have witnesses recanting their testimony, and there is also no murder weapon, but yet and still no justice? This recent loss was as recent as of the month of April and this is what the Judges concluded in a 2 to 1 decision:

Judges Joel Dubina and Stanley Marcus said they agreed with those conclusions. “Davis has not presented us with a showing of innocence so compelling that we would be obligated to act today,” they wrote. The judges said they view the recantations with skepticism and, after reviewing Davis’ claims, “remain unpersuaded.” – Source
Look, I really don’t care whether you are for or against the Death Penalty, what I do care about is this man being put to death when there is sufficient evidence to prove his innocence. As a man, I care about justice, and in my opinion, to deny his appeal for a new trial in this instance is absurd. I don’t know about you, but I cannot sit by and allow this to happen. I watched with tears in my eyes the way residents of New Orleans were left to die after Hurricane Katrina. Back then it was all I can do from a distance. I’d be damned if I sit around and say or not do anything in this instance. This is why I urge you to assist me and others in bringing light to this issue. Not only that, I ask that you take the time to click the link below and send a letter via email or Fax to the Georgia Governors office.
Yes, we are all writing the governor and I’d appreciate it if you took just a few minutes of your time to do so as well. Don’t worry, it wouldn’t take anymore than probably 2 minutes of your time doing so. I’d also like to encourage you to pass this link or information along; Blog about it if you have to. I don’t care how you do it, but dammit do something. To do nothing would make you just as guilty as the people who have chosen to deny this man the justice he deserves. Please, don’t let the blood of Troy Davis lay on your hands as well as the leaves of the southern trees who have bared enough Strange Fruit.EMAIL THE GEORGIA GOVERNOR: CLICK HERE
Death Row innocence and exoneration in Georgia