Glenn Beck, White Culture, and Knowing When to Play Dumb

Glenn Beck might be an asshole, or play a clown on television. But best believe, he’s not an idiot – he knows where his bread is buttered. Sure some of you may think he was being his normal self – an asshole – when he refused to answer Katie Couric’s question as to what exactly is “White Culture”. Don’t think for a minute that this guy didn’t know what he meant when he said what he said about the current president. He knew full well what he meant when he said that president Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for White culture.”

So why didn’t he just answer the question? He did not answer because he has lost enough ad revenue due to the activism of Yes, and he isn’t trying to lose anymore than he has. To date, he has lost about 50% of his sponsorship for his show. Bottom line: Glenn Beck is just like everybody else in this country – he’s a slave to the almighty dollar. Which when you think about it, happens to be the very reason he’s on the air. That said, for his sake, it was best that he not answer the question so as to give those colored Negroes who love change more fuel as his pockets are becoming deflated. I’m willing to bet if he was asked just what white culture is not, he would have had a lot to say.QUESTION(S): What is white culture? Is it really white culture considering that much of it has been “stolen” from other cultures?