Democracy in Action: The Kill Obama Facebook Poll

As if the Secret Service wasn’t currently having a hard time keeping Barack Obama safe and alive; now they have to add one more investigation to the oh, thirty or so death threats Barack Obama gets daily. Oh the sacrifices one has to make here in post racial America. Earlier today someone had the brilliant idea to start a poll on Facebook asking the question: “should Obama be killed?” Not exactly a death threat, but…

I gotta give it that person because hey, at least he/she took it to a vote – way to go keeping the American ideal of Democracy alive; usually presidents get killed in America without any of its citizenry having a voice. Not only that, but I also have to give he/she credit for following through in that democratic tradition by giving us those great poll answer choices. If you took the poll, you had the option of voting “yes”, “no”, “maybe”, or “if he cuts my health care.”Image Hosted by
I’m surprised that there wasn’t a “hell yes and I’ll bring the rope,” option.

Now surely some of you are going to say that this is just another one of those racially motivated deals like all the recent protests. But hey, at least the poll creator made it clear that his poll was all about policy (health care reform) and not race. Yep, so I don’t wanna hear anything about the lives of Black people not having any value in this country, mmkay? Yep, you Negroes kill each other every day.

Of course most of you race baiters out there wouldn’t see it like the majority of “us” real Americans. With you people it’s always about race. Well you know what? This isn’t about race; instead it’s what logical thinking people would deem freedom of speech. You damn right; and the U.S. Constipation affords me said right. Besides, even Barack Obama said that all of this isn’t about race recently. And of course if he says so, then obviously it isn’t, right Negroes?


It’s not like they yelled “fire,” into a crowded theater; they did it on Facebook.

If you think differently then you must be a communist, socialist loving half-white person like Obama trying to destroy America. Yes, what other country on earth can anyone have a vote or a say in the assassination of the head person in charge irrespective of the color of his skin. If you ask me, I don’t see the big deal; hell, the way things have been going in the country, it’s a wonder someone hasn’t produced an “American Idol” type of show to address the problem that is the 44th president of these United States.

Power to the people!