Does Charlie Rangel Have To Choke A Bitch?

First off, lemme say that I am opposed to choking or slapping bitches. I mean that sort of thing isn’t cool. However, I’m all about a verbal asswhoopin on any given day. I don’t care if you’re a bitch or not. Male or female, you run up talking stupid (in a debate) you can get the pimp hand, foot, and the damn stick to your dome. Yes, and in many cases when engaged with an idiot, this is important

Having said that, I mised this last week, but Charlie Rangel caught some heat for the following exchange with FOX’s stnf-in stooge, Laura Ingram. Supposedly Rangel said something construed to be sexist and becoming for a male public official. I’m surprised Ingram didn’t storm off the set with her feelings hurt like some other republican-supporting-female  dolt did last week.

This via The Huffington Post:

“I’m trying to figure out what words we can use and what words we can’t use,” she said. “What do you mean can’t?” Rangel shot back. “You’re confused whether or not you can use ‘plantation’ to a black Republican?”

From there, Ingraham and Rangel kept talking past each other. She fired question after question at him–about the War on Poverty, about liberalism, about President Obama–and he kept objecting to each question as it was asked.

You can watch the entire exchange below. You can decide whether what Rangel said was sexist or not. Not saying that there isn’t a double standard when it comes to women in the media, and maybe even in politics. However, talking to a rabid mindless republican supporter no matter the gender sometimes causes you to say certain things unbecoming. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Ingram should be happy Rangel called her a “pretty girl” rather a bitch, as I’m sure he wanted to.