Ann Coulter: “Can We Get The Ad To Find Obama’s Cocaine Dealer?”

I cannot stand Ann Coulter….

I repeat: I cannot stand Ann Coulter!

No seriously, this woman really irritates me. She comes off as this condescending privileged brat who forgot to grow up. Fuck her and her polemic anorexic looking ass. That’s right Jimmy walker, your bitch ain’t hot.; and, she looks like a corpse.

Speaking on the ever popular Fox & Friends, in defense of anti-Rick Perry ads, the delectable but photogenically-challenged, Ann Coulter, had this to say this morning:

I hear what you’re saying, Ann. We do need to find president Obama’s former cocaine dealer. Maybe once we do that we could be ever so effective in finding you fucking brain. Of course I understand the point she’s trying to make. However, wasn’t president Obama the most scrutinized presidential candidate ever? Didn’t these right-wing loons ask for him to produce his umbilical cord among other things? Oh well, that’s that “liberal media bias” for ya. Yes, they can be so unfair and unbalanced.