Ok, so you folks know that I’m proud because of the fact that the next president is gonna be a Black man, right? You guys know this especially if you’ve been around my page for some time now. Well, I’ve been observing comments from people all across the blogosphere, and the one thing that stands out, is that many people are saying that they’re proud of our country because they looked past his race and voted for him.

Did they really?

Now, I’m not trying to trivialize Obama’s accomplishment, or take away from the historic nature of it. However, I’ve been thinking about this: Did the electorate really look past his race? Or did we have no other choice given the state of the economy, combined with John McCain’s inability to truly address our needs as the world comes crashing down around us financially.

I really would like you to think about this for a few and lemme know what you think in your commentary. Like I said before, this is in no way an attempt to take away from the historic significance of his election. Its merely an attempt to look back and break it down for what it was. My concern is that today, while some of us still celebrate this victory, others are gonna look to this as its being advertised. The last thing I’d hate to see is people coming to the conclusion that we do live in a “post racial” society given his success to date. Oh and please don’t give me that “we’ve come a long way” talk because I already know that we have.

I’m looking for an honest dialogue.

Lets be honest, if the economy wasn’t in shambles…

and if George Bush wasn’t as unpopular as he is…

do you think Barack Obama would have beaten John McCain?

Would the electorate “look past race” as its been said, and elect him president?