Dear , God: Do You Really Listen To Rick Perry’s Prayers?

I mean, I’m really curious to know if God is really against the gays serving openly in the military as Rick Perry would have us believe in a recent campaign ad. I’m sure God may encourage kids praying in schools, but again, gays serving in the military? You mean God is opposed to that more so than he his the whole idea of anyone in the military taking the lives of others?

No seriously, this sounds kinda crazy to me. I mean, if God doesn’t have a problem with a gay man being the choir director in his churches, surely he wouldn’t take issue with members of the gay and lesbian community in the U.S. military going to war and killing folks in his name, and that of country. Truthfully, I’m really confused by all of this and I need help, folks. Sure faith made America strong, as Rick Perry says. But could it be that we placed to much faith in our God fearing politicians?

No, no, no – the liberals war on religion?

Sure would be nice if God would “CC” us when he emails his thoughts to folks like Perry.

As a weak man myself, I’m trying to make sense of this all: