Congressional Black Caucus: “We Can’t Support The Bush Tax Cut Extensions”

OK, yeah I know some of you don’t like them; but, I gotta give a special shout out and major props the the CBC (Congressional Black Caucus). Not only did they come together and support the DREAM Act. They also held firm in opposing president Barack Obama’s proposed tax deal with Republicans. I gotta tell you, as much talk that goes around about black folks not sticking together. I gotta stop and give props when deserved. I mean on a day when Barack Obama reached out for help in selling the deal from America’s first black president, Bill Clinton. It’s good to see that black folks who remember the good ole days of Negro bliss did not cave in… Not yet anyway:

Once again big ups to the CBC for not being a rubberstamp for Barack Obama and standing on principle. I mean if black folks can’t get a “special handout” to create jobs in these economic times, and are forced to wait for that rising tide to float the sinking Mayflower that is the hood. Why then should they support the wealthy top 2% here in America? And another thing, Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) is right. This is truly about the Republicans. Yeah, I’m still kinda salty about the compromise, but it’s time to get back to focusing on the GOP. I still think we should fight this proposal. However, it’s time to shift attention to the GOP douchebags who have no regard for the welfare of regular not-so-wealthy folks like you and I. Once again, big up CBC, as well as Dems willing to fight.