Christians protest the Hate Crimes Bill, and some of them are Black?!!

I am not a religious or spiritual person. I figure as I get older, as do every damn body, then maybe I too shall seek counsel with a higher power. The one thing that scares me about me eventually doing it, is becoming as ignorant and foolishly bigoted as some of the religious fundamentalists currently alive. I mentioned before about “certain religious folk” not taking a liking to the recently passed Hate Crimes Bill.

Well, these “children of God” held a protest a few days ago to air out their disgust. The recent legislation has already been signed into law by president Barack Obama, but yet they feel the need to protest instead of abiding by the laws of the land as the bible says. As usual, among the protesters, there were a few mis-guided Negroes in the mix, who foolishly made compromise on the prosecution of people who commit hate crimes on minorities and other people of color because of the color of their skin.

Check it out:

I’m sorry, but the idea that this legislation is designed to infringe on the First Amendment protection that is free speech, is very disingenious. It has nothing to do with throwing anyone in jail for voicing their opinion(s) about homosexuality. But hey, don’t tell that to these crazy burning bush believers. According to them the gov’t just created a law that infringes on what they say in the pulpit. Yeah, like now there’s gonna be a cop at every church making sure one of them says the wrong thing about homosexuality.

And as for the silly Negroes protesting with them? I guess the fact that then president Bill Clinton signed legislation known as the Church Arson Prevention Act in 1996, to aid in the prosecution of racist assholes who have a fetish for burning down Black churches must be a bad thing as well. Yeah, I suppose it too infringes on the freedom to be a bigoted assclown and act on it as well. Not only that, that bill helped Black churches in accessing loans from financial institutions in the wake of such a hateful act. Uh-huh, how come these Negro preachers we not protesting that bill being signed into law back then? I guess the KKK firebombing a Black church is an act of love and not hate; oh how times and Black people have changed.

Silly Negroes…

While they’re focusing on “the gays” being protected by the law. They’re obviously forgetting that the bill shares the name with James Byrd – a black man who was tied to the back of a fuckin truck and dragged to death because he was Black down in Texas. But hey, I guess none of that matters when you’re against homosexuality because the bible says it’s wrong but yet your chior director is himself a flaming homsexual. Shit, when are Black churches gonna discriminate against homosexuals putting money into the collection plate every week?

You know what? Until churches are burdened with the obligation of paying taxes, they need to shut the fuck up as far as I’m concerned. Fight to get prayer back into schools, or the Ten Commandments put back up at the court house, or some other silly shit like that. But when you’re protesting laws that are designed to protect people who are, and continue to be the target of hate by people with the disease that is racism and xenophobia. Then you’re just as bad  as those assholes who strap themselves up with C4 and blow themselves up in the name of Allah in my book.

One last thing…

You see those chains in the pic above? Not only are they the actual chains used in the murder of James Byrd Jr. They’re also symbolic and emblematic of just how the mind can be shackled by religious ideologues. Right is right, and wrong is wrong. But somewhere in the middle these “fine folks” are stuck on stupid in my book.