Aaron Hall needs some money y’all!

It seems like my man Charlie Wilson from the super group The Gap Band never gets old. Every time I’m in the ride cruising to the grown folks radio station, it’s like I always hear something new from the brother. Yep, and I’m talking quality music too, and not just some bullshit record either. I’m talking grown folks music. Charlie has come a long way and beating his drug addiction, as well as being able to be relevant in the music industry as he is today, is a testament in itself to talent and will power.

I always thought my man Aaron Hall from the group Guy back in the late 80s sounded a lot like Charlie Wilson. Matter of fact, if it wasn’t for the Teddy Riley ad-lib “Yep Yep,” every 20 seconds on a track, you probably would have thought it was The Gap Band with a spash of Hip Hop. When Guy covered The Gap Band’s classic “Yearning For Your Love” it didn’t help either.Thinking back now, I’m sure even Charlie Wilson was proud of that cover.; I thought it was well done.

I loved the group Guy, and I kinda wished they would have stayed around a lot longer than hey did. If not just for people like me who did the Roger Rabbit when “Groove Me” came on, but for Aaron Hall. Have you seen what that brother is up to these days? Yeah, I know you probably caught him on the BET Awards this year during the old school segment like I did. Yeah, I know, dude couldn’t even breathe, while he danced and sang. Uh-huh, I thought he was gonna fall out on the stage. It’s obvious that he hasn’t been singing much lately, just take a look at what he’s up to now.

Check it out:

Um, I’m sorry, but did this Negro say he is able to speak to dogs in foreign languages? No seriously, is this Negro that gifted? Yeah I know, this looked like a joke to you as it did me, right? You too huh, I know, I kept waiting for Dave Chappelle to walk into the show at some point in time. But allegedly this is serious, and I’m not sure if this is his pitch to get his own reality show, but this is not where I expected to see Aaron Hall.

Dog rehab? I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I would want some guy dressed in a suit looking like Jim Carey in the movie mask coming into my home to teach my dog that pissin’ on the carpet is bad. Call me racist but I don’t think white folks would be comfortable with a guy in a pimp costume all up in their home? Yeah Aaron, I understand you don’t have a use for those 80s suits anymore, but damn, did you really have to be the doggie super-nanny n’ shit?

I don’t know what the rest of the guys from the group Guy are up to these days. But surely they can come together and talk this brother out of this crap. Yeah I know the image of Black men and dogs are kinda f*cked up right now thanks to Mike Vick so this might be a good idea. But damn, couldn’t they get DMX a show like this instead of this guy? Not only does DMX love dogs, but he actually barks and growls on his record.

Aaron Hall?

I guess now we know who was the “dumb b*tch” he was talking about when they sang “Piece Of My Love.” Oh well, it could be worse I suppose. He could be singing songs about gettin’ little girls pregnant like R. Kelly is doing these days. Aaron Hall needs some money y’all, and I think we should start a telethon for the brother. Or at least have somebody adopt him for Christmas or something.

Please, don’t let him embarrass himself this way.