Black police showin’ out for the white cop

So a few days ago I heard about the talk about some cop pulling out a gun in DC to breakup a snowball fight. I’ll be honest, I never read the story nor really cared to. But then I heard that it was caught on tape and my interest was piqued somewhat especially when I heard he was black. My voyeuristic fetish took hold and I couldn’t help going over to YouTube to fulfill my need. And you know what? I’m glad that I did because it provided a much needed and timely break from the stress of life, because to me, the shit was funny:

First off, my man AverageBro of mentioned in his piece on the story that he could understand officer friendly being upset that someone threw a snowball at his Hummer. As my man AB said, nobody knows what type of illegal shit this cop had to do to purchase said vehicle. Yep, and yes we all know how black men are sensitive about their mode of transportation. So yeah, I understand, and thank heavens he wasn’t driving a Cadillac because I swear somebody would have been shot and had crack sprinkled on them.

OK, so dude may have been having a bad day – we’re all entitled to have one of those at least once a week. But I get the feeling that this man walks the face of the earth with an air of superiority the likes of Denzel Washington’s character in training day as evidenced by him screaming “King Kong ain’t got nuthin’ on me,” to those fun loving people in DC last Saturday. Ok, ok, ok, he didn’t actually say those words but I bet you he thunk it as he hopped his ass out of his gas guzzling SUV in the middle of a snow storm.

What I thought to be even more hilarious than him standing on his walkie talkie calling for backup and getting smacked in the face by snowballs. Was the reactions of the cops who showed up who happened to be white. To me they were more sympathetic to the crowd than their “brother” in arms. I mean one would expect the cavalry to show up with SWAT team in tow ready to shove plungers up the ass of some random on-looker. And all for what? A friggin snow ball? I bet you that was the outcome Detective Kick Ass was expecting.

I don’t wanna turn this into a personal f*ck the police moment because I seriously doubt whether Ice Cube will swarm on any muthaf*cka in a blue uniform like he said he would back in the day. But clearly this cop has some issues in need of a few anger management sessions. I don’t think it’s steroid rage as some have speculated. But instead, I think it’s a God complex by being a n*gga with a badge.

Guys like him have probably wanted to be cops since the 1st grade. And if given the chance he would be a police dog sniffing luggage if they would let him. Hopefully somebody buys him a Snuggie for Christmas because from where I’m sitting that’s the only thing that might make him happy and be forced to raise the roof like those white people in those commercials. But then again, maybe he’s just another one of those self-loathing Negro slave catchers among us parading as a police officer.