Black guy with a gun at an Obama town hall meeting? We don’t believe you; you need more people! (UPDATE: He IS a plant)

Last week when I suggested that town hall meetings on health care reform should go light on the presence of gun totting “Elmer Fudds”. And instead have my man “O-Dog” of Menace II Society show up with a gun, this is not what I had in mind:
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It is my firm belief that this dude was a plant. Yes, I seriously think he was picked up at the Rent-A-Negro store somewhere in Arizona, and I’m willing to bet that John McCain was the one to do it. After all, Arizona is his home state, no? Considering that much of the protests have been staged and anti-reform protesters have been brought in from other cities, that’s going to be my belief about this guy. I’m sorry, but that brotha was a little too calm for me to believe otherwise. I dunno, maybe it was the tie and Roger from What’s Happening glasses that gave him the confidence. I’m just sayin’, you know how smart brothas have been standing up to law enforcement lately and making the news.

Speaking of confidence, when interviewed by The Arizona Republic, he refused to give his name. Not only that, when asked why he felt it necessary to pack his AR-15 assault rifle, he responded, “Because I can do it,” and, “In Arizona, I still have some freedoms.” Listen here Black people. Before you Negroes get too happy and think Arizona is the land of milk, honey, and Negro freedoms. Remember that those muthaf*ckas raised hell back in the day about recognizing Martin Luther King day as a national holiday.

And personally this attempt to fool me pisses me off and is insulting; especially since the media all focused on the Black guy with a gun rather than the other men reported to be openly packing heat as well. Shit, if they wanted to convince me that this Negro was real the least they could have done was put a doo-rag on his head, throw some gold in his mouth, and have him hugged up next to a White girl. Sorry, but the Black Panther in Birkenstocks thing just wasn’t working for me.

UPDATE: Hat-tip to AverageBro of for this next video. Basically this video proves just what I said in the post above. Yes, this clown works with If you click the provided link you cn see what they’re about. At any rate, yes this dude was a plant, and again, strategically positioned to push an agenda and or movement. I guess Larenz Tate wasn’t available for booking so they got this guy (read my last post on guns at town hall meetings to get that joke).

Check it out: