Bishop Eddie Long Seeks Settlement with Accusers of Sexual Coercion: What Happened to the Five Stones, Eddie?

Ever since I read about this over at this black sista’s page yesterday, I’ve been thinking about this case and just where it is currently. My girl blksista has an excellent breakdown of the case that you can check out if you like right here. But after reading her piece, and watching the above video, I can’t help but to ask: What happened to those five stones, Bishop Eddie Long?

You addressed your congregation wearing yet another one of those f@%ked up lacefront wigs and declared war against the devil remember? Oh that’s right; you didn’t actually say you were innocent. Nope, not even a “now you know I ain’t never touched them boys booty? You niggas know that ain’t me!”

Don’t Worry Eddie, I Got Your Back

You were arrogant; and yes you said that you’re not the man that your accusers said you were – whatever that means. But, I don’t quite remember you coming out like Michael Jackson after having your testicles placed in a police line-up to proclaim your innocence. No you didn’t; and, you were supposed to fight. So what happened to that, Eddie Long-strokes? God ain’t got your back?

I mean lord forbid if your congregation starts letting out all of your secrets after the fact. No seriously, I sincerely believe that somebody in that church knows something; I refuse to believe that out of 30,000 congregants, that there isn’t anyone with an iota of knowledge of the goings-on of the good reverend-pastor-bishop. That is, anyone who hasn’t been compensated financially to keep their mouths shut.

So where does Eddie Long go from here? How exactly does he justify giving the devil and his gay demons settling with his accusers out of court as opposed to fighting to prove his innocence. Can he maintain his innocence after making the deal with the devil? Hello, from what I understand monies in any settlement wouldn’t be coming from Eddie Long’s pockets, but from the church. Oh hell, I guess it doesn’t matter; from the church, from his pockets, same difference, right?

Lord You Better Not Tell Them Negroes What You Saw Me Do!

Michael Jackson (who I mentioned before) settled out of court in his child molestation case; and many of us in the court of public opinion, believed him to be innocent. Bishop Eddie Long is currently working on an out of court settlement with his now-adult-accusers of sexual coercion. Now, Eddie Long didn’t make Thriller; that said, how many of you believe the allegations against him to be false? More importantly, how exactly can he sell his innocence to his church and “shame the devil” in the process? But hey, I guess we have to wait to see if he tones down his homophobic rhetoric to find out.