Racist C-SPAN Callers Refuse to Support Michael Steele Because He’s Black

So my boy Captain Coontastic… err, I mean Michael Steele, surprised me yesterday. Last Friday I heard there was gonna be a this “major” announcement concerning his re-election bid in January, 2011. Naturally I figured the brotha was gonna come out on Monday saying that he was not going to seek re-election. I mean with the Kunta Kinte type beating them white folks his fellow republicans gave him the last 2yrs, surely I figured the brotha had enough. Hell, he even went as far as to say that much of the grief he was getting from his pointy white hat wearing peeps was because of his race.

Well, it looks like Steele is a glutton for punishment, because he announced that he will seek re-election next month. Personally I think this is a good thing and I hope he wins. Not that I like seeing a brotha get clubbed over the head like Rodney King who just stepped out of a Hyundai. But because his gaffes and blunders were gifts from the political comedy Gods; yeah, left wing Jesus is a funny-ass dude. But anyway, apparently Steele was right; yep, some of his brethren refuse to support him because of his melanin affliction; and of course, this doesn’t make them racist one bit.

C-SPAN’s morning call-in show, Washington Journal took calls from Republicans to get their reactions on Steele’s big re-election bid announcement last Monday. The following is an actual clip from the show that you really should check out. No seriously, just in case you think Steele is full of shit by pulling the race card as he did. Do checkout the clip and listen to the sentiments expressed by a few of the callers. I don’t know if they’re gonna make you laugh as they did me, but…

To be fair, two callers on a talk show does not make the republican party racist. I mean these guys sounded as old as Methuselah, so I can understand their disdain for not only hope and change. But also the addition of the bumbling-incompetent-bald headed-wide nosed having RNC Chairman, that is Michael Steele. Yep, those guys were the exception to the rule because we all know that the republican party isn’t racist. I mean if they were, they would have never elected Steele, right?
MARYLAND CALLER: You’re not going to like what I have to say so you can put your finger on the dump button… I don’t want Steele to be chairman of the Republican National Committee because he’s black. I think we have bent over backwards to accommodate blacks in this country with the affirmative action stuff that’s gone on now for sixty years here. And it’s time we ended it. And as a black person I think he’s inhibited to come out and condemn some of these Black Panthers like creep up in Philadelphia who said they should start killing white children. And I’ve never heard a single word from Michael Steele condemning this guy. Now I’m…

BRAWNER: Well what about the argument that the Republicans did capture the House, that they made gains in the Senate and that Michael Steele was the chair of the RNC at that time and has that record and that he made the point according to The Washington Times that this is… they need to make a bigger tent in the Republican party and show diversity?

MARYLAND CALLER: I disagree with that. Diversity is terrible for any country. It’s destroying this country and it will destroy any country.


ALABAMA CALLER: Yeah I agree with the previous caller a couple of calls ago about why they wouldn’t support Mr. Steele because he was black. I don’t have anything against black people, but I noticed after he took over all the letters that I kept getting from the Republican committee want me to donate my money they were wanting to keep supporting these RINO’s, what we call RINO’s, Republicans which really should be in the Democratic party.

And so I just quit giving my money that I’ve been donating for about thirty five years every year to the Republican party, because of that reason. Because I just took my money and give it to the individual people that I wanted to vote for that were conservative Republicans and quit giving into everything that the Democrats wanted.

And as far as getting the black vote for the Republican party, it’s never going to happen because you see what happened to Mrs. Clinton. You see how they praised her all those years about her husband being the first black president? Well they stabbed him in the back and they’re still stabbing white people in the back because 90% of the Democratic party in the black population, which I grew up in, and I’m not a racist… that I grew up in they want to tag the white people, all white people as racists, so the Republicans are never going to get to vote for ’em.