White Guy Accidentally Shoots Himself, Blames A Black Guy

From Raw Story:

Minnesota man was arrested on Wednesday after he accidentally shot himself in the arm—then told police he was attacked by an armed “black male.”

Brent Patrick Ahlers, a 25-year old security guard at St. Catherine University, shot himself in the shoulder Tuesday night, prompting a campus-wide lock-down and building-to-building school sweep, City Pages reports. Authorities conducted an “exhaustive” search for the suspect after Ahlers told police a “black male” was responsible for his injury.

Police was reported to have been working hard to find this guy but stopped when Ahlers confessed that he was responsible for his shooting.

St. Paul Police eventually called off the search after they failed to locate the suspect. It wasn’t until the following day that Ahlers admitted he pulled the trigger “while handling a gun he wasn’t supposed to have on campus,” according to City Pages. The security guard was reportedly afraid of losing his job.

Ahlers has been charged with falsely reporting a crime.

Lisa Clark, who lives in St. Paul, told City Pages about the atmosphere caused by this wild racial goose chase:

“I was angry that he subjected the entire neighborhood to this huge police presence, that people were afraid being out and about,” she said, noting Ahler’s false reporting tapped “into people’s racism.”

If this sounds familiar, you may have heard of a similar story a few weeks back involving Joshua Witt. Witt from  Sheridan, Colorado, wrote on his Facebook page that he was stabbed by a random black guy because he had a Neo-Nazi haircut. The mainstream news media was starting to take attention to this story. Infowars blowhard Alex Jones used this story to promote the myth of excessive black-on-white crimes.

Welp, the story was a fake. Witt actually stabbed himself by accident. 

It seems like when it comes to accidents resulting in getting themselves, or others hurt, white people can’t seem to handle being seen as clumsy. Is this due to some ego-driven push to deny that they’re capable of making thoughtless mistakes. And, as usual in a white racist society, they see blaming it on nonexistent black people as an acceptable way to cover up that they’re human like anyone else?

Clumsy White Guy

Usually, I come down hard on these people. And I will.

Look, we all fuck up. To err is human. But there seems to be this sick need to try to blame their mistakes on others and cause trouble for the entire community. This is what racial hoaxes help do, turn entire communities and group of people into potential suspects for a crime no member of said group committed.

The stories of Brent Patrick Ahlers and Joshua Witt should be lessons to us all that if we make mistakes, we should own up to them. And since these two morons are white guys, the lesson should be to don’t cover up your stupid asses by blaming black men and take responsibility for your lack of knowledge for handling weapons correctly.