Racist White Dude Stabs Himself, Then Blames A Black Guy

A couple of weeks ago, a white guy named Joshua Witt from Sheridan, Colorado wrote on Facebook that he was stabbed by a stranger – a black man – for having a neo-Nazi haircut. Welp, since this is a case of black people attacking white people, the mainstream media took it and ran. Even resident conspiracy theorist Alex Jones went out of his way to use the story to push the black-on-white crime threat narrative exploiting the overblown racial fear of white genocide.

As much as the news media clamored to report this story, they apparently neglected to do a little fact-checking first. As it turns out, there was no black suspect, and the guy accidentally stabbed himself. 

Buzzfeed shattered the story into a million pieces when they reported that the Sheridan Police Department told the news outlet that Witt admitted to lying about the attack. In actuality, he stabbed himself by accident. The logical and sensible course wasn’t to admit to the mistake but to create a racial hoax to cover up his clumsiness.

The lie that white people are victimized by the thousands or hundreds of thousands at the hands of blacks for just being white is nothing new as we’ve heard this joke before. As outrageous as it truly is, white racists will sell this toxin to advance their agendas. I’m not sure who Joshua Witt is, but interjecting the phantom black criminal excuse and adding a Nazi spin to it just to cover his screw up is nonetheless indicative of the lengths to which white people will cover their asses. Some will even kill their wives and unborn children or drown their kids and instead of taking accountability for their fucked up actions against themselves, their family members or other white folks, they will blame black people so long as the myth of black-on-white crime remains America’s believable alibi.