When Interracial Dating Conversations Go Wrong

Personally, I have nothing against interracial dating. Factually, I don’t even like to call it “interracial dating”. I prefer to call it “dating”. All of that other stuff is actually for those that like to distinguish, make themselves feel special, or even whore for attention. Beyond all of that, love is love. So, interracial dating means nothing to me because it is all dating.

Sometimes, the relationship works out. Other times, the relationship fails. The person’s race won’t mean much of anything after that.

So, when I came across this interview of Christelyn Karazin (the pro-interracial dating queen of BeyondBlackandWhite.com and brand ambassador of InterracialDatingCentral.com), I just knew I had to listen. Being that the ever grandiose Jesse Lee Peterson was doing the interview, I knew I was in for a night of fluid and flabbergasting foolishness. After giving this interview a thorough listen, I was not disappointed. What started as “slightly safe” eventually became “silly and baseless”.

Christelyn Karazin

Yet, should I be surprised about any of this? This is the same woman that has shown her contempt for Black men. And Peterson? Well, he usually thanks God and white people for slavery. I hope I have provided the proper context for expectations.

Let me point out what is wrong with this entire interview:

a.)    Some of the stats are quite off and/or unproven – So, who came up with the number that 85% of Americans approve of interracial relationships? Oh, I do agree that interracial dating has grown tremendously. That part is something that is not going to get an argument from me. Still, who said that the majority of America accepts interracial dating? I need to see the figures on this one.

Oh, and I am aware of the 83 percent of Americans saying it is “all right for blacks and whites to date each other”. However, that comes from a survey. And surveys, for the most part, only measure a small part of a small part of a populations.

b.)    Karazin never mentions the other problem: Black men being cartoonized – While Christelyn Karazin mentioned that Black women have been cartoonized (sassy, jezebel, sapphire, sexless Mammy), where is the mentioning of Black men being cartoonized? Black men get plenty of flak for being a bunch of lazy, shiftless, no-marriage-wanting baby making machines that can’t stop doing drugs and promoting “black-on-black crime”. Hell, she even referred to the situation herself. Karazin didn’t mention that problem because she believes that Black men ARE the problem (or at least part of it).

c.)     Black women being angry and controlling = tired lie – Jesse Lee Peterson had the nerve to say MOST Black women tend to have an “angry attitude that’s hard to live with”. Gladly, Karazin didn’t try to go for it. However, she did double back with more tired lies (“They don’t want to marry them, but they sure knock them up though”, “When they walk down the street in the hood, they can’t smile for fear that Ray Ray is gonna think that she likes him and he’s going to harass her.”). Yet: let us to continue with the tired lies. And no, I’m not going to say stereotypes. I’m going to say lies.

d.)    Karazin is obviously blind – Christelyn quickly noted that Black men, as a whole, aren’t being help accountable for the problems within the Black community. So basically, she hasn’t paid attention to anything that plenty of Black men have done/said in reference to the male responsibility within the hood (whether it is Al Sharpton, Bill Cosby, or even John Legend and Nas). I get it.  Let the sightless continue to lead the sightless.

e.)    Jesse Lee Peterson is just as blind as well: Peterson chose to get into the “Black women aren’t being held accountable” trash either. He want to note that “men want to be with women that haven’t slept with other men”. Not sure what he is talking about. However, Peterson struggled because the things he said made no sense.

f.)     “Black men ain’t marrying” stupidity – I am still trying to get to the bottom of this “Black men ain’t marrying” idea. Yet, the statistics show that Black men mainly marry Black women [1]. As much as Karazin talks about what “Black men ain’t doing”, she failed to note that little tidbit. Another thing she failed to mention: White men are statistically least likely to marry outside of their race [2]. The only reason why so many white men marry outside of their race is because they are the demographic majority.

g.)    And then there is the guest caller – a caller connected with them both just to quote Muhammad Aliabout “blue birds stick with blue birds”. Karazin, however, was too busy being outtalked by someone that didn’t even know what they were talking about. If she was on point, Christelyn would have noted that there is no such thing as race. Race is a social construct that holds no true biological bearing.

At the end of the day, this interview was quite terrible (from a factual perspective). Most of the things mentioned were not truly proven to be true or false. In fact, there was a lot of stereotyping, lies, and imaginary knowledge. Still, it was pretty good to hear what had been happening. With all that was given, how can this conversation go right when Black people are reliably stereotyped?