Grammys 2015 – So, Why Am I Watching This Again?

This is the word to sum up what I was practically watching the entire night. I could have been doing something more important. However, I decided to watch The Grammys. Why? To be entertained. For the most part, I wasn’t. Still, I decided to give highlights of a show that just lacked a lot of punch and surprise.

(Note: I skipped a lot of info because I had computer issues midway. But a lot of it was irrelevant anyways.)

 grammys-Beck-and-Kanye-on-stage-557021Grammys 2015 – The Rundown

1.)    ACDC is rocking out. They said “Screw our AARP cards! We are going to show these young punks how to have fun”! I’m glad they started off with them, though. The new generation need to make that connection between the past and the present.

2.)    Sam Smith wins best new artist. No surprises there. A lot of people would have either went for him orIggy Azalea. Personally, I would have wanted Haim. Why? Because they are a dark horse nomination, Haim winning would have shook shit up. Plus, “Red Eye” off of that Kid Cudi album I didn’t like is still the shiznit.

3.)    Tom Jones (I think) looks like an old school Las Vegas singer. Plus, he’s a pimp. Whomever that young piece of ass is on the stage with him is being absorbed in his old school aura. That’s that old school pimp love. Tom is still the man.

4.)    Best Pop Solo Performance went to Pharrell Williams. Is that a surprise, though? The lone wolf song from a cartoon soundtrack becomes a smash hit due to perseverance, dope ass music, a message, and a 24 hour video. Yeah. Some things are NOT accidental.

5.)    Pharrell Williams still looks like he is 28. Yes, he is a vampire. I need for you all to know this.

6.)    Southwest Airlines just used Outkast’s “So Fresh, So Clean” in their commercial. Royalties, son!!!

7.)    Miranda Lambert does what she does. And by that, I mean she does her country thing.


8.)    Best Pop Vocal Album goes to Sam Smith…again. I think this is his hour to shine like a diamond in a wannabe rich rapper’s ear.



9.)    Kanye West is on the stage. He sounds like autotune. But, he is singing that new song about his daughter and all that good stuff.

10.)Did Mylie Cyrus say “My bitch Madonna”? Oh. Well, whatever.

11.)Madonna has minotaurs in dark clothing. I wonder how many people will blame the Illuminati for this get up?


12.)Best Rock Album? Morning Phase by Beck. Yeah. That’s right. Why? Because Beck is the shiznit.



13.) Okay, so I saw the weirdest commercial dealing with smoking. Let’s Swipe That? Let’s not make this mistake again.

14.) Eric Church is doing…whatever he does. I’m not a country music fan, so I’m lost on whether or not he is any good.

15.)Okay, so now we somehow transitioned into Rihanna doing some country shit. And Kanye is on stage with Paul MaCaurtney. At least I won’t see any of those stupid ass “Kanye is gonna blow Paul’s career up”. **sigh**

16.)Sam Smith + Mary J Blige + a choir + live string instrumentation = good music. I don’t care how much I’m tired of this song. This works. And Mary J. Blige still is pumping out a career because of her love overseas. Peace to Disclosure.

17.)Who is the guy singing his butt off in Spanish?